“We wanted to make sure we delivered two-player split-screen. From the start, we wanted our two-player split-screen to work online,” designer Mat Thomas explained on the Playstation Blog. “ModNation Racers enables you and a friend to go online and play the game together. This makes for intense competition and a lot of fun. You can play action races and pure races together. More importantly, two players can play together on any tracks developed by United Front Games or anyone online.

“Finally, we decided to deliver the four-player couch experience. This was a lot of work, but we have managed to create a great experience where four friends can settle down for some great kart racing. What we have delivered is a fantastic local multiplayer experience reminiscent of some of our best local multiplayer play sessions from years gone by. Again, you can play action or pure race, as well as race on any tracks in the game created by United Front Games or other players.

“Overall, our multiplayer experience has been created to cater to all different players, and we feel that when people play the game they will be able to get the experience they desire. We can’t wait for all our fans to join the ModNation in May.”

If you want the full 90's multiplayer experience, United Front's just announced that ModNation will also support custom soundtracks: so you can spin Oasis' Wonderwall while you hit the track. Or perhaps Barbie Girl?

We literally cannot wait for ModNation Racers. Not only do we love Sony's whole Play.Create.Share notion, but we're also massive fans of kart racing games. We expect to rack up 50 hours or more in ModNation Racers. Here's hoping United Front Games fix up the load and framerate issues.