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Heavy Rain Falls, Reviews Drop, Words Are Fantastic

Posted by Sammy Barker

The embargo for Heavy Rain has just lifted in the US, in typical super-early Sony review tradition

And the word is good. Very good indeed. Here's what a variety of notorious publications had to say about Quantic Dream's latest interactive drama.

IGN - 9
"Heavy Rain won’t be for everyone (namely kids or people just looking to blow stuff up) but its deep story, branching paths, and fleshed out characters make it a title that should be played by anyone looking to see what videogames are capable of in terms of heartfelt experiences. I cared about these people by the time the credits rolled, and that’s what made me want to go back and get their stories right."</blockquote>

NowGamer - 8
"Heavy Rain deserves to sell. Unless popping heads off mouthy kids is all you want 'til the day you frikkin' die."</blockquote>

GamePro - 5 (/5)
"An emotionally engaging thrill-ride from start to finish, Quantic Dream's Heavy Rain is a superbly crafted interactive experience, told expertly through it's stunning visuals and believable characters."</blockquote>

GameInformer - 9.5
"Taking the right lessons away from its previous title, Indigo Prophecy, developer Quantic Dream has shorn away most traditional video game trappings from Heavy Rain. What remains is an innovative journey through an engrossing and well-paced mystery. You’re given just enough gameplay to forge a connection to the world and its characters, but not so much that it interferes with the game’s cinematic sensibilities. Heavy Rain is a truly pioneering title, and hopefully the vanguard for a new genre of interactive narratives."</blockquote>

Eurogamer - 9
"It may be the only game you play this year where pulling the trigger makes you really feel something, and I can think of no greater compliment."</blockquote>

Destructoid - 7
"Ultimately, Heavy Rain is an experiment that both succeeded and failed, when it could easily have been a total success if the brains behind it weren't trying so hard to be smart and cared more about providing a sensible plot as opposed to a shocking one. As a game, Heavy Rain is pretty good for the most part. Heavy Rain is just damn lucky it isn't the movie that it wishes so badly to be."</blockquote>

Thus far, seems like Heavy Rain is fantastic achievement by Sony, David Cage and Quantic Dream. Will give our opinion as soon as possible. And we can't wait.

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