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Unit 13 (PS Vita / PlayStation Vita)

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A new third-person shooter from the SOCOM team.

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Posted by Sammy Barker

Suited and booted

Unit 13 is an answer to critics who claim Sony’s handheld endeavours don't match their platform. Zipper Interactive’s third-person shooter seamlessly combines the depth of a fully functioning action title with the accessibility of a smartphone game,...

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News: Unit 13 Ships Out March 6th

Unit 13 Ships Out March 6th

Video walkthrough inside

Unit 13, Zipper Interactive's Vita-exclusive shooter, was previously listed as a PS Vita launch game for Europe, but now it seems it will fall within the system's "launch window" instead. Sony pegged the game for a March 6th deployment in both Europe and the United States at CES. The game comes from the team behind...

News: Zipper Interactive's Unit 13 Trailer Unlocked

Zipper Interactive's Unit 13 Trailer Unlocked

Deploying at launch

Zipper Interactive is well-known for SOCOM and MAG, but when Vita launches, the studio will be deploying its newest series: Unit 13. While we brought you a snippet of info on the new IP yesterday, we’ve grabbed a cache of new details that just recently emerged, as well as a trailer for you to check out the game in action, which...

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Zipper Interactive's first PS Vita title is third-person shooter Unit 13, and it looks like this

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