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Gun Commando (PS Mobile / PlayStation Mobile)

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A retro first-person shooter for PlayStation Mobile.

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Posted by Ben Potter

All outta gum?

It’s been a good 20 years since DOOM blasted its way onto the scene and laid the foundations for the rise of the first-person shooter. Some people may look back on its arrival with dismay given how stagnant the genre has become, but its legacy cannot be...

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News: Retro FPS Gun Commando Targets PlayStation Mobile

Retro FPS Gun Commando Targets PlayStation Mobile

All outta gum

Fans of DOOM and Wolfenstein 3D will no doubt feel right at home with Gun Commando, an intriguing 8-bit first-person shooter heading to PlayStation Mobile this week. The title – developed by Green Hill Studios and Abstraction Games – is described as an “old-school, new-cool” adventure, which sees you assume the role of Jack...

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