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The Unfinished Swan (PS3 / PlayStation 3)

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The Unfinished Swan is a videogame about exploring the unknown.

The player assumes the role of a young boy chasing after a swan who has wandered off into a surreal, unfinished kingdom. The game begins in a completely white space where players can throw paint to splatter their surroundings and reveal the world around them.

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Posted by Sammy Barker

Paint by slumber

The Unfinished Swan starts with a blank canvas and a single stirring idea. Blinded by grief following the untimely passing of his mother, protagonist Monroe finds himself locked in a fantasy world littered with problems that mirror his own. Feeling...

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No Fair! Japan's Getting The Unfinished Swan on PS4 and Vita Next Week

Still not finished, apparently

You may recall a rumour that was floating about the internet late last year which suggested that PlayStation 3 classic The Unfinished Swan would be recklessly flinging paint onto the PlayStation 4. The speculations were soon shot down, but we've kept our fingers crossed ever since. Apparently all our appendage-based...

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