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  • Mini Review XIII (PS5) - Improvements Can't Save This Remaster Redo

    Isn't 13 supposed to be a lucky number?

    Considering the XIII remake's original launch was a disaster, it's admirable that publisher Microids tried to fix things. Following the launch from developer PlayMagic, a new team, Tower Five, has been brought in to try and rework the release into something more appealing. The results are mixed, but it's...

  • News Cult PS2 Comic Book FPS XIII Looks Much Improved on PS5

    And running at 60fps

    The original XIII for PS2 wasn’t exactly an outstanding shooter, but it’s etched into the memories of many due to its distinctive cel-shaded artstyle. When French firm Microids brought it back for PS4, then, there was some nostalgic excitement from those who remembered the original. Unfortunately,

  • News The Abysmal XIII Remake Gets a Huge Overhaul in September

    60fps on PS5, online multiplayer

    The complete and utter disaster that was the XIII remake released back in November 2020 is being overhauled by a new developer. Instead of Darguad, publisher Microids has entrusted French team Tower Five with changing the art style and implementing a number of new features. After more than a year's worth of work, the...

  • News Publisher of Poor XIII Remake Seems to Miss the Point with Apology Post

    Focused on bugs rather than art style

    The PlayStation 4 remake of XIII very quietly released on PlayStation 4 last week, and to say it was met with an overwhelming amount of negativity would probably be an understatement. The classic comic book art style is nowhere to be seen, instead looking like a Fortnite rip-off, and bugs and glitches have been...

  • News The XIII PS4 Remake Looks Like a Massive Disaster

    What happened to the art style?

    Raise your hand if you forgot that the PlayStation 4 remake of XIII was coming out this week. Now, raise your hand if you forgot it even existed. We're willing to bet a large chunk of you would look pretty silly right now if your boss caught you on webcam via a Zoom call. Yes, the PS4 remake of XIII launched...

  • News XIII Remake Seemingly Launches This November on PS4


    It's kind of crazy to think that the PlayStation 4 remake of XIII was originally scheduled to launch all the way back in November 2019. It was delayed into this year and now, six months into 2020, we now know when we'll be able to get our hands on it. This PlayStation 2 classic is coming back on 10th November 2020 if listings for a limited...

  • News XIII's Cel-Shaded Visuals Still Feel Unique on PS4

    But it's showing its age

    XIII was a PlayStation 2 game that this author talked about a lot at high school. Our friends group found the first-person shooter’s cel-shaded visuals fascinating the second they were first printed in Official PlayStation Magazine, and we all eagerly anticipated the release as a result. The final product wasn’t all that...

  • News XIII PS4 Remake Delayed into 2020

    Cel-shaded shooter needs to reload

    In case you missed it, the stylish PlayStation 2 first person shooter XIII is getting a remake on modern hardware. Published by Microids and developed by PlayMagic, the updated take on the cel-shaded action title was initially due for release on 13th November 2019. However, this has unfortunately been pushed back...

  • News Cel-Shaded Shooter XIII Returns 13th November on PS4

    Lucky number

    We can’t help but feel old when we consider there's an entire generation of gamers who haven’t seen PlayStation 2 copies of XIII in a GAME bargain bin. But with the cel-shaded shooter now being over 15 years old, there will be kids sitting their GCSEs this summer who are younger than the artistically inspired FPS. For those of you...