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  • Mini Review Hitchhiker (PS4) - Intriguing Concept Can Be Monotonous

    A Hitchhiker's guide to philosophy

    In a world of fast-paced action and strategic decision making, sometimes it is nice to play the role of a bystander. Hitchhiker is a game that prides itself on taking you through a journey, instead of letting you create your own path. The end result is a monotonous but thought provoking journey that is closer to an...

  • News Mystery Game Hitchhiker Lifts a Thumb at PS4 This Week

    Riding shotgun

    Atmospheric narrative game Hitchhiker, in which you play as an amnesiac riding shotgun along a dusty highway, will hop aboard the PlayStation 4 from 15th April – after attracting rave reviews on Apple Arcade. The award-winning mystery sees you piecing together your memories “by catching rides with strangers across the country who...

  • Review Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire - Technical Problems Derail an Otherwise Superb Sequel

    Pillar talk

    Push Square die-hards will doubtless recall that back in 2017 we gave Pillars of Eternity: Complete Edition a glowing review, bestowing upon it a well earned 9/10 to take home for its mum to put on the fridge. It was both a love letter to old school, all-time classic role players like Baldur's Gate and Planescape Torment, and a title...

  • News Old School RPG Sequel Pillars of Eternity 2 Loots a January 2020 PS4 Release Date

    Dead and loving it

    Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire released back in 2018 on PC, and it was met with a lot of praise. The Obsidian-crafted role-playing game is a supposedly much improved sequel to Pillars of Eternity -- a title that's already stuffed full of old school RPG goodness. Anyway, Deadfire's finally got a PlayStation 4 release date, with...

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    Review The Banner Saga 3

    Iver bad feeling about this

    The Banner Saga 3 is a fitting end for the light tactical RPG series, and one that feels less like a sequel and more like the third act of a cohesive whole. The combat system used in the series up until this point remains relatively unchanged, and most of the mechanics are carried over as is. This isn't about reinventing...

  • News The Banner Saga Vita Version Cancelled More Than a Year After Its PS4 Debut

    The saga's over

    It's never nice to hear that a project's been cancelled, but the writing was on the wall with this one. Tactical role-playing title The Banner Saga was announced for the PlayStation 4 and Vita all the way back in 2014. The former launched in January of last year, but the latter was never given a concrete release date. Clearly,...

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    Review Armikrog

    State of clay

    Armikrog begins with such promise. Your introduction to this claymation world is a long and wonderfully weird theme song that serves as a prologue of sorts, and it leads into a beautifully animated cutscene that really showcases the talent on board. Many of the minds behind this Kickstarted adventure game are also responsible for The...

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    Review The Banner Saga 2

    Stop! Banner time

    Few games are as relentlessly bleak as The Banner Saga 2. It begins right after the climax of the previous game, but regardless of your prior choices, the story will play out largely the same; the dredge (a relentless horde of warriors) are hunting down the remaining humans and varl (hulking, horned giants), in the wake of past...

  • News Gorgeous RPG The Banner Saga 2 Marches onto PS4 This Summer

    Winter's coming

    Hurrah, PlayStation enthusiasts won't have to wait two years for The Banner Saga 2! The lovely looking strategy role-playing game launched on PC in March, but unlike the previous title, which took around 24 months to come consoles, the sequel will find its way to Sony's system within a reasonable amount of time. "We are happy that...

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    Review The Banner Saga

    The banter saga

    Finally setting foot on consoles after a long and probably cold wait is The Banner Saga – an addictive, intricate role-playing experience that's set in a world with a dead sun. Hulking giants known as varl exist alongside humans, and old, almost demonic foes are threatening the peace that both races have worked hard to establish...

  • News Did You Buy Afro Samurai 2 on PS4? You Can Now Get a Refund

    Yes, it's that bad

    Wow, this is quite the rarity. Afro Samurai 2: Revenge of Kuma launched on PlayStation 4 last month, and it was met with super low review scores and the pure scorn of many fans. The game was plagued by bugs both big and small, a horrible frame rate, and some craptastic gameplay - and now, it's being removed from the PlayStation...

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    Review Toren

    You're Toren us apart

    Toren marks the first release by Brazilian developer Swordtales, and is the latest of the smaller indie titles to grace the PlayStation 4. Sony's console seems like a great fit for the foray, too, as it takes a huge helping of inspiration from a PlayStation 2 classic, ICO. Of course, while drawing influence from such an iconic...

  • News Toren Comes of Age on PS4 from 12th May

    Inspired by ICO

    There's a nice backstory to Toren, the debut PlayStation 4 project from Brazilian indie Swordtales. The game stars a young girl named Moonchild, who grows over the course of the adventure into a strong and powerful woman. And writing on the PlayStation Blog, the humble developer likened this to its own journey as a game development...

  • News The Banner Saga Headlines Fresh Selection of PS4 Indie Games

    Game genie

    Ever since it started to submerge itself in the world of indie games, Sony has developed a habit of announcing dozens of titles in one swift swoop. And that’s exactly what the platform holder’s done today, once again highlighting just how awkward the game creation module in this website’s content management system is to use. Sort it...