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  • News PS Plus Freebie Velocity 2X Reloads with Dual Core DLC

    Spoilers abound

    We thoroughly enjoyed Velocity 2X here at Push Square. In fact, we liked the shmup so much that we awarded it the rare and coveted 10/10. One of our favourite things about the title was the way that it kept its gameplay fresh right until the very last level. In the interest of not spoiling things, we won't explain what happens at the...

  • Review Velocity 2X (PlayStation 4)


    Since the very beginning of video game history, developers have strived to give us new and exciting ways of blowing stuff up in space. Whether it’s deadly invaders from planets unknown or chunks of asteroids, it’s all been in preparation for Velocity 2X. Strap yourself in, grab yourself a glass of tang, attempt to figure out what the...

  • News Velocity 2X Teleports into Your Head and Blows Your Brain Next Month

    FuturLab's latest in a galaxy not so far away

    FuturLab’s long awaited PlayStation 4 and Vita shmup sequel Velocity 2X is set to soar onto Sony’s suite of systems on 2nd September in North America and 3rd September in Europe. The popular Brighton-based developer confirmed the date as part of a particularly emphatic post on the PlayStation Blog,...