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  • Mini Review Submerged: Hidden Depths (PS5) - Perfectly Fine Boaty Exploration

    Keep Rowin' Rowin' Rowin' Rowin'

    Submerged: Hidden Depths is a fine game. It's not fine as in a fine wine, nor is it fine like the little dog from the meme sat in his burning house saying, "This is fine." Submerged is fine fine. It's neither impressive nor offensive, never quite boring but almost certainly not exciting. There's nothing here that...

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    Review City of Brass

    In need of a second coating

    The roguelike genre has become a staple of today’s video game industry, with the likes of Spelunky, Rogue Legacy, and The Binding of Isaac being defining releases that helped to legitimise the phenomenon. One more feature that links the three together is the fact that they’re all 2D, a perspective that the genre...

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    Review Submerged

    Seas the day

    What if the combat-free opening hour of BioShock Infinite stretched on for much longer? Indeed, what if you could explore the beautiful ruins of a destroyed city without having to constantly fend for your life? Submerged – a game developed by ex-Bioshock staffers, incidentally – attempts to answer these very questions. But does this...

  • News Submerged Plunges to New Depths from 4th August

    PS4 explore-'em-up from ex-BioShock devs

    When not surfing and appearing as extras in Home & Away, the good people of Australia enjoy nothing more than making video games. Submerged, an exploration-focused foray from the wonderfully named Uppercut Games, looks to be one of the better titles to emerge from Down Under in quite some time –...

  • News Submerged Plunders the Depths of the PlayStation 4

    How low can you go?

    Not every game has to be about action, orcs, and nuclear warheads: Submerged introduces a much simpler premise, in which siblings Miku and Taku embark upon an adventure in a mysterious flooded city. With the latter of the duo injured, it's down to you to plunder this strange aquatic settlement for supplies – using little more...