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  • News Virtua Fighter Legend Chibita Talks Final Showdown

    The 'little kid' speaks

    SEGA's Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown is out in a few months, hoping to draw in a new breed of players to its "speed chess" gameplay. If you practise for years and years and years, you might be as good as VF legend Chibita. The Japanese pro talked to the official SEGA Blog about his play style, career and the...

  • News Runner 2 Delayed Until November

    It's a bit of a trip up

    Sony gamers have enjoyed some spectacular and exclusive download titles, though the BIT.TRIP series from Gaijin Games is perhaps one group of Wii exclusives that will have attracted envious glances. Thankfully, the developer's latest title, Runner 2 - Future Legend of Rhythm Alien, is confirmed for the PlayStation Network, so...

  • News GAME Won't Stock Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City or Ninja Gaiden 3

    Confirmed by the publishers

    UK Retailer GAME has missed out on a number of big releases in recent weeks as a result of losing its credit insurance, as negotiations with publishers and distributors have continued to break down. As the company reportedly seeks buyers, its been confirmed that two more high-profile PS3 titles won't be stocked by the...

  • News Enhanced Deadly Premonition Heading for PS3

    We had a feeling

    Xbox-exclusive Deadly Premonition was one of 2011's most divisive games: as flawed as it was enjoyable, review scores for it run nearly the whole spectrum, with a 10 from Destructoid and 2.0 from IGN. The news that an enhanced version is the on way to PS3 is probably pretty welcome, then. Former Marvelous man Yasuhiro Wada and game...

  • News Dead or Alive 5 Could Feature More Virtua Fighter Characters

    Shun Di, please

    If you’re really keen to play Virtua Fighter without, y’know, actually playing Virtua Fighter, then it looks like Dead or Alive 5 is going to have your curious demands covered. Not content with adding Virtua Fighter’s Akira Yuki to the roster, Team Ninja’s Yosuke Hayashi has hinted that more characters from SEGA’s well...

  • News Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Rated for Vita

    Sneaking into view

    The release of Metal Gear Solid HD Collection on PS3 was given a warm welcome by fans of the series. Combining three top-class games in one package is never a bad thing, as our Metal Gear Solid HD Collection review explains. Now that Vita is on the scene with capabilities that are comparable, in some respects, to PS3, it's...

  • News Assassin's Creed III Reveal Trailer is Here


    After recent teasing Ubisoft's finally pulled the hood off its upcoming trilogy-closer Assassin's Creed III. You've probably already clicked the trailer below, and who can blame you? Assassin's Creed III is due for release this October.

  • News First Jet Set Radio Footage Skates Past


    SEGA's posted the first trailer for its upcoming digital release of Dreamcast classic Jet Set Radio, and it looks... well, like a sharper version of Jet Set Radio. The trailer's got everything you'd want: Captain Onishima, skating, tagging and some of that awesome music too. Here's hoping the game's legendary soundtrack survives intact, though...

  • News Doctor Who on Vita Will Use Unreal Engine 3

    Powered up Tardis

    It's no secret that Vita is the most powerful handheld ever released, pushing visuals that, on the smaller OLED screen, can be comparable to PS3. That's reinforced by the news that the upcoming Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock will use Epic Games' Unreal Engine 3, the same technology powering the PS3 and PC versions of the game. This...

  • News Retro City Rampage Hijacks Vita and PS3

    Firing Vblanks

    Indie developer Vblank Entertainment is bringing Retro City Rampage to PS3 and PS Vita, designer Brian Provinciano revealed on the official PS EU Blog. The game — originally revealed for WiiWare several years ago — is now coming to PSN and Vita in May this year. We won't hold our breath: once upon a time it was set for release in...

  • News bitComposer Announces Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers

    No mention of Move

    Russian developer bitComposer Games has revealed its new aerial dogfight title, Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers, will release on PS3 in late 2012. The follow-up to 2011 dogfight game Air Conflicts: Secret Wars, Pacific Carriers aims to offer more of the same "real battles, fictitious story" from the original, although...

  • News New Max Payne 3 Trailer Shares the Story

    Time to rescue the girl

    Max Payne 3 isn't far away, and gamers of a certain vintage no doubt hope that it can live up to the high standards set by Max Payne and Max Payne 2. With Rockstar Games producing this new entry, it'll be interesting to see how this third title will vary from its predecessors. One area where it's set to carry on as normal is...

  • News Street Fighter X Tekken Line-Up Locked Down

    Final round - ready?

    Capcom's finally confirmed the full roster for crossover scrapper Street Fighter X Tekken ahead of its launch early next month. Street Fighter stalwarts M. Bison (Dictator) and Akuma join Tekken classics Jin Kazama and Aztec God of fighting Ogre for a meaty line-up of 43 playable pugilists. Street Fighter X Tekken on PS3 is...

  • News Capcom Reloads Resident Evil 6 with New Details

    All you need to know inside

    Resident Evil 6's first trailer certainly got our attention, and now Capcom has followed up with some details about the game's setting, characters and all-important controls. Chris Redfield ventures to fictional coastal Chinese town Liangshang, with the game set in the very-near-indeed future: 2013. Players will be able...

  • News New Little King's Story Dated for Japan

    Get out the red carpet

    For those very few that enjoyed the delights of Little King's Story on Wii, the confirmation of New Little King's Story on Vita came as wonderful news. As confirmed by Andriasang, there isn't long to wait for Japanese Vita owners to enjoy some royal authority. It's been confirmed that New Little King's Story will be released...

  • News Sony Provides Official Vita First Edition Unboxing

    YouTube unboxing regulars despair

    It seems like the Sony PR machine is cranking into its maximum gear today, with its latest video providing an official unboxing of the Vita First Edition pre-order package: the bundle comes at a set price and includes a copy of Little Deviants. This is exclusive to selected retailers in the U.S. and Canada, meaning...

  • News SEGA Attacks with Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown Trailer

    Evading throw escape!

    We're just a little bit excited about Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown, due to land on PSN this summer. The latest entry in what some would call the greatest fighting game series ever, VF5FS introduces new character Jean Kujo and brings back sumo champion Taka-Arashi, not seen on a home console since Dreamcast's Virtua Fighter 3...

  • News Mr. Myagi is Reality Fighters' Sensei Tutor

    Ready your chopsticks

    Vita's upcoming Augmented Reality brawler Reality Fighters just got injected with a heavy does of nostalgia, as Sony has announced that Mr. Myagi will serve as the in-game tutor. The Karate Kid sensei will walk you through the basics of the game and also serves as an unlockable character. He is outfitted in the...

  • News Sumioni: Demon Arts Has Multiple Endings, Still Gorgeous


    When we first laid eyes on the debut trailer for Sumioni: Demon Arts, we found the game's 2D, ink-infused world to be quite fetching. Well, now it looks like we'll be playing through the game's lush setting several times over.

  • News Learn About Total Racquet Control in Grand Slam Tennis 2

    Get a grip

    We're now a matter of weeks from Grand Slam Tennis 2 and its promising PlayStation Move features, but what exactly is EA's "Total Racquet Control" system? The publisher has released the video below to explain its new control method in more detail, though it's actually for traditional controllers rather than Move; here's hoping...

  • News House of the Dead 3 and 4 Lurch Towards PSN

    Don't suffer like G did

    After last year's House of the Dead: Overkill — Extended Cut, SEGA's keeping the green blood flowing with two more shooter ports for PS3, but this time they're heading to the PlayStation Store. On 7th February the North American store gets House of the Dead 3, complete with PlayStation Move support, Trophies and HD...

  • Feature Five Move Games to Watch in 2012

    Get out your calendars

    Last year was a pretty full year of PlayStation Move games — we make it 80 Move-compatible games were released in 2011 — but we're sure 2012 is going to be even bigger. Here we've picked just five upcoming PlayStation Move games we think you'll want to watch out for in 2012. Sorcery:

  • News The Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Trailer Is In

    Touch it

    Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is out in February and comes with the Heroes and Heralds DLC as standard, Capcom announced today. The DLC is just one of the bonus features in UMvC3, including the ability to use your PS Vita as a PlayStation 3 controller and exclusive gold herald colours for all characters. Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is a...

  • News Persona 4: The Golden Summons New Screenshots

    Gold standard

    The high school friends of PlayStation 2's swansong RPG will soon be graduating to PS Vita, bringing along with them new characters, voice-overs and gameplay features. The game will also feature some revamped visuals, which you can check out in the new screens Atlus have revealed for the game. For those who missed the original, will...

  • News StarDrone Extreme Trailer Makes You Go Boom

    Another launch title

    Beatshapers' StarDrone Extreme is shooting its way to PlayStation Vita in time for the console's launch, and we have a trailer to prove it. PlayStation Network fans might already recognise the name: StarDrone for PlayStation Move saw the light of day earlier this year, with the Vita version promising new stages and features,...

  • News Ninja Gaiden III Packs In a Dead or Alive 5 Demo Too

    More for your money

    Hack-and-slash Ninja Gaiden III is bringing a little gift when it launches in Japan on 22nd March. Early purchasers will get an exclusive Dead or Alive 5 demo featuring Ayane and Hayate, but anyone who picks up the game's collector's edition will also get Hayabusa and Hitomi in their demo, as well as a figurine and other good...

  • News We Have 9 New PlayStation Vita Trailers Inside

    What are you waiting for?

    PlayStation Vita is just three days away from release in Japan, so it's understandable that Sony is cranking up the excitement with new trailers for some of its biggest games. We won't waste your time with text: here's the videos you came to see. Escape Plan Uncharted: Golden Abyss Gravity Rush Wipeout 2048 Super...

  • News Deadmau5 Shapes Sound Shapes' Soundscapes

    On the sea shore

    DJ Deadmau5 has signed up to provide exclusive new tracks for upcoming music platformer Sound Shapes. According to the press release, Deadmau5 will create "a variety of exclusive new tracks" for the game, due out for Vita in 2012. We took the game for a spin back in September: our Sound Shapes preview tells you all you...

  • News Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom on Vita Lets You Tap to Attack

    All the finger fighting detailed

    Capcom's PS Vita port of Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 will have some pretty cool features. You can watch online matches over WiFi, trade "gold" versions of characters with nearby players and even use the system's touch controls to dole out combos. Capcom recently detailed the later, giving a run down on how...

  • News Move Takes the Mound in MLB The Show 12

    Big hitter

    MLB 11 The Show only uses PlayStation Move in its home run derby mode. While that's serviceable, next year's MLB 12 The Show is going to make much more use of the motion controller, according to the PlayStation Blog. Community manager Ramone Russell confirmed the next instalment uses Move for everything: batting, fielding, pitching and...

  • News Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath Move Controls Due "In a Few Months"

    Game out on 21st December

    We reported the other day that Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath isn't Move-enabled at launch, but it seems we may have to wait a while longer for its Move patch than we'd first hoped. Just Add Water confirmed the game will release in Europe on 21st December for £9.99, but stated that Move controls — along with 3DTV support and...

  • News Take a Closer Look at Ubisoft's PlayStation Vita Line-Up

    It's everywhere

    After the avalanche of Vita announcements this week we've got some brand new screenshots of Ubisoft's Vita range to share with you. First up is racing game Asphalt Injection, the latest in Gameloft's street racing series, featuring 52 licensed cars, 20 tracks and 100 different events to beat. It's not quite giving Ridge Racer a run...

  • News PS Vita's First-Party European Launch Line-up Revealed

    Ready and waiting

    Sony has just revealed the complete list of first-party games launching on PS Vita across Europe on February 22nd of next year. The list includes games like Uncharted: Golden Abyss, WipEout 2048 and Escape Plan, as well as the two new PS Vita games just announced. Browse the full list below, and be sure to

  • News New Vita Shooter from Zipper Interactive, MotorStorm RC Announced

    More first-party goodness

    Sony has two more titles to add to the PS Vita's ever-growing roster of first party games. Set two launch beside PS Vita come February 22nd, the two titles come from veteran studios Zipper Interactive (MAG, Socom 4) and Evolution Studios (MotorStorm Apocalypse). Unit 13 Brought to us by the

  • News A New Ridge Racer Vita Trailer Slides In

    The pack leader?

    As you'd expect from the series' graphical heritage, Ridge Racer on Vita is one of the better looking games racing towards the system for launch, as this new trailer from Namco Bandai below reinforces. The video briefly introduces the game's new customisation features, but mostly it's all about drifting and driving really, really...

  • News F1 2011 Joins the Vita Grid at Launch

    Start your engines

    Racing fans will be well catered-for at the launch of PlayStation Vita: as well as Ridge Racer, Codemasters has announced it'll have F1 2011 ready for release on launch day too. The officially licensed and critically well-received racer lands in Europe on Vita launch day — that's 22nd February 2012, of course — with a new...

  • News Sony to Remove Sorcery's Invisibility Cloak Next Month

    Wands at the ready

    It's been close to five months since we last heard anything about Sorcery, when Sony told us the game was still in development. Now the company has said we'll all see more of the much-anticipated Move title next month. Sony told IGN that the game is still in the works and will be shown off to press at December's holiday showcase...

  • News MLB 12 The Show Bats for Vita on 6th March

    Here comes the pitch

    Baseball and video games are an ideal match, but a baseball game you can take on the go? That sounds like an even more winning combination. Sony has announced that MLB 12 The Show will hit PS Vita and PlayStation 3 on 6th March 2012, just ahead of Spring training. SCEA PR manager Eric Levine is keen to point out that the game...

  • News Wipeout 2048 Controls, Courses and Camera Detailed

    Futuristic Q&A

    Wipeout 2048 is one of the most anticipated Vita games racing toward launch, and the PlayStation Blog just posted a Q&A with producer Michael Pulst about what players can expect come launch. Pulst revealed that tracks can now span multiple vertical levels, with alternate paths offering an extra layer of strategic choice: will you...

  • News Play God with Babel Rising on PSN Next Year

    Thou shalt not miss it

    This one passed us by last week, but Ubisoft's announced its first Move-enabled download will see the light of day in 2012. Called Babel Rising, it's a big brother to the current iOS game that sees you using God-like powers to stop the Babylonians finishing the titular tower. We've not been able to unleash the wrath of God...

  • News Toki Tori Makes a PSN Nest on 16th November

    Egged on

    Adorable puzzle platformer Toki Tori is just two weeks from getting PSN all in a flap, with a European release confirmed for 16th November. The game will set Brits back £6.29 or those who use the Euro €7.99, a superb price considering Toki Tori on WiiWare costs 900 Nintendo Points, or around £8. To celebrate the launch — and Toki...

  • News Fact Sheet Confirms Online and More for FIFA 12

    Be a Pro and Career modes both in

    Were you impressed by those FIFA 12 PlayStation Vita screenshots? Want to know more about EA's inevitably world-conquering portable football sim? Then here's all the information we have about the game condensed into one lovely fact sheet. The information includes the confirmation of online play but be wary of the...

  • News Machinarium Creator Favours DualShock Over Move

    But why?

    Machinarium is coming to PlayStation Network next year in what developer Amanita Design says is "the definitive version" of the game, but Amanita founder Jakub Dvorský isn't a full convert to the Move controls yet. Speaking to Eurogamer, Dvorský revealed he's sticking with DualShock over the game's optional motion controls: For...

  • News inFAMOUS 2 Move Patch Lands Next Week

    And it's free

    Enjoying rattling around a vampire-infested New Marais in inFAMOUS: Festival of Blood with your PlayStation Move? The good news is that next week you'll be able to grab a free update for inFAMOUS 2 that adds motion support to that game too. Expect the Move patch to be available in the middle of next week, and stay tuned for our review...

  • News Go Behind the Scenes with BioShock Infinite's Voice Actors

    Digging in a bit deeper

    It’s sadly been a while since we’ve had the chance to bring you anything news related to BioShock Infinite, but thankfully that's just came to an abrupt end. Irrational Games just released a new video that takes us deeper into the main characters of the game: Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth. Irrational Games' Creative...

  • News Hydrophobia Prophecy Washes Up Next Week

    Sandbags at the ready

    Hydrophobia Prophecy is about to whet your appetite for water-based puns: it's out on PSN next week. North America gets it on 1st November with a European release on 2nd November. The best bit is the price: just $7.99 in North America or £5.10 in the UK, the game is free to PlayStation Plus subscribers. Hydrophobia Prophecy...

  • News Who's Competing in Grand Slam Tennis 2?

    Roster revealed

    Eager to find out who's going to be available to play in EA's Grand Slam Tennis 2? The publisher just revealed the full line-up of stars, past and present, who'll be appearing in the upcoming Move tennis game. The roster includes current players like Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Serena Williams alongside legendary racquet-wielders...

  • News inFAMOUS: Festival of Blood Trailer Really Bites

    Screens and facts inside too

    You finally get to grapple with Cole McGrath and PlayStation Move next week, as Sony releases inFAMOUS: Festival of Blood on PlayStation Network this coming Wednesday. Now we have the game's final fact sheet, screenshots and trailer to get you all fired up. Festival of Blood is a standalone game in its own right rather...

  • News Move Takes to the Skies With Combat Wings in February

    Watch your six!

    After the perfectly passable Air Conflicts: Secret Wars, Move owners are in for some more aerial dogfighting action next year when Combat Wings: The Great Battles of WWII lands on PS3. City Interactive just announced the game will see the light of day in North America on 7th February before reaching Europe just a few days later on...

  • News House of the Dead Takes You Down to the Carnival

    Will you hit a winner?

    SEGA's gratuitously gory House of the Dead: Overkill - Extended Cut is just a few days away from launch, with SEGA cranking up the excitement by showing off another new trailer, this time of the game's carnival stage. Not to be confused with Sony's upcoming Carnival Island, of course — they're very different beasts — the...