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  • News EA Reportedly Greenlights New Fight Night, But Progress Paused by UFC

    The lord giveth, the lord taketh away

    Fight Night will re-enter the ring, according to a report by VGC – but EA Sports is prioritising a new UFC title first. It’s been over 10 years – and an entire console generation – since Fight Night Champion released on the PlayStation 3, leaving many to assume that EA had permanently shelved its boxing...

  • News EA Disables UFC 4's In-Game Ads Following Player Outrage

    They won't appear in the future

    Update: After backlash from fans, Electronic Arts has disabled the in-game ads that play in-between rounds in EA Sports UFC 4. In a statement handed to Eurogamer and posted on Reddit, the publisher said: "Earlier this week, the team turned on ad placements in EA Sports UFC 4 that appeared during the 'Replay' moments...

  • News EA Sports UFC 4 Out on PS4 Next Month, Puts an Emphasis on Single Player Career

    Out next month

    EA Sports UFC 4 is real and it’s releasing in just a few weeks: 14th August. The sequel was revealed as part of UFC’s big bout on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi this weekend, and includes Jorge Masvidal and Israel Adesanya on the cover. As rumoured, anyone who pre-orders will unlock access to boxers Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury, which...

  • News EA Sports UFC 4 Will Finally Enter the Cage on 11th July

    Fight night

    Do you remember EA Sports UFC 4, the mixed martial arts game that leaked eons ago but wasn’t announced during the publisher’s recent E3 2020-eque livestream? Looks like the title is finally scheduled to be revealed this week, as part of UFC 251. A fight card for the forthcoming event includes a logo for the upcoming PlayStation 4...

  • News EA Sports UFC 4 Leaks Ahead of EA Play Live 2020

    Almost ready to rumble

    Looks like EA Sports will be re-entering the cage, as EA Sports UFC 4 appears to have leaked for the PlayStation 4 ahead of a probable EA Play Live 2020 unveiling. Patches for a “community feedback environment” for the release were spotted on Sony’s servers, suggesting some kind of beta is on the way in the very near...

  • News After the Battlefront 2 Scandal, EA UFC 3's Beta Sounds Like a Disaster

    Here we go again

    With the games industry still a little raw after the whole Star Wars Battlefront 2 fiasco, it might have been smart for EA to delay UFC 3’s beta based on some of the early reports regarding the game. Alas, it’s blundered ahead regardless – and it may just be about to walk headfirst into the fist of another controversy. From...

  • News EA Sports UFC 3 Submits to PS4 on 2nd February

    Fight night

    EA Sports quietly announced UFC 3 this week, KOing any hopes of a new Fight Night for the time being. The sequel, due out worldwide on 2nd February, will feature Irish gobshite Conor McGregor on the cover – but don’t tell him we said that as he could probably murder us with his little finger. The headline new feature in this latest...

  • News EA's Cover Curse Continues with Ronda Rousey

    Not so rowdy

    EA Sports UFC 2 was officially announced this week, with superstar Ronda Rousey revealed as the cover athlete. Call it a coincidence, but she was knocked out for the first time by Holly Holm in last night's UFC 193 in Melbourne. This isn't the first time that the headline attraction to an EA game has suffered a dramatic fall from grace...

  • News EA Sports UFC 2 Will Bring Better Brawls to PS4 in Spring 2016

    Ronda Rousey spearheads the next entry

    After being teased last week, EA Sports UFC 2 has been revealed officially via a new trailer, which showcases new cover star Ronda Rousey - the first female fighter to be on a UFC game cover. The female Brock Lesnar doesn't talk about the actual game's features that much, though we do see some amazing hair...

  • News Move Along DriveClub, EA Sports UFC May Actually Be PS4's Best Looking Game

    Knock out

    While the PlayStation 3 continued to impress throughout its lifespan, it started to reach its limits around the release of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves way back in 2009. We’re not saying that titles like The Last of Us and Beyond: Two Souls weren’t exceptional, but they never quite caused us to stare in disbe

  • News This Is What Bruce Lee Looks Like in EA Sports UFC

    He's in the game

    Hot on the heels of last night’s leak, EA Sports has entered the dragon with a brand new trailer teasing the inclusion of Bruce Lee in its upcoming mixed martial arts simulation. As previously hinted, if you pre-order the upcoming EA Sports UFC for the PlayStation 4, you’ll be able to play as the kung-fu king – and

  • News Bruce Lee Plays the Game of Death in EA Sports UFC on PS4


    If you’re a fan of sweaty men in small pants but don’t enjoy the theatrics of wrestling, then we’re assuming that you’re a bit of a UFC boffin. Fortunately for you, in the wake of THQ’s complete and utter capitulation, EA Sports has been busy beavering away on a title based upon the popular mixed martial arts property – and...