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  • News The Crew 2's Scruffy 60fps PS5 Update Will Improve

    Up to speed

    The Crew 2’s anticipated 60 frames-per-second update for PS5 turned out to be a bit of a disappointment. While the game definitely plays better at the higher refresh rate, the visuals take a gigantic hit – we’ve got examples in our Hands On article. Fortunately, Ubisoft has acknowledged the issue and has committed to improvements...

  • Hands On The Crew 2's PS5 Patch Feels Better at 60fps, But There's a Catch

    It's stinging our eyes

    The Crew 2, due in part to outstanding ongoing support from publisher Ubisoft and developer Ivory Tower, remains relevant four years on from its original release. In fact, you could argue the game is getting better, with the latest season adding events inspired by Formula Drift World Champion Chris Forsberg – it’s...

  • News The Crew 2 Finally Burns Rubber at 60fps on PS5 This July

    Gotta go fast

    When it comes to arcade racing games, the PS5 is in seriously short supply. Thank the car gods that The Crew 2 continues to get updated, then – with a 60 frames-per-second patch speeding to Sony’s new-gen console on 6th July. French developer Ivory Tower has remained committed to this title for four years now, and it’s still...

  • News The Crew 2 Is Getting 60fps Support on PS5, Five Years After Release

    Keep rollin', rollin'

    Love it or loathe it, Ubisoft does right by its games. The French publisher almost always offers unprecedented support for its software, and The Crew 2 is no exception. Now nearing its fifth (!!!) anniversary, the open world racer is getting an entire year of additional support, which will span three unique seasons of content,...

  • News The Crew 2 Goes Crazy Taxi in The Contractor Season

    Free to play this weekend

    Yes, there’s a much better open world racer on the market right now, but for PlayStation players, sadly, The Crew 2 is the best it gets. And credit where credit is due: Ubisoft has continuously updated this game since its launch a couple of years ago, and fostered an impressively active community as a consequence...

  • News The Crew 2 Keeps on Rolling with Ongoing Support

    Crew cut

    Say what you will about Ubisoft, but it keeps its games alive for a very long time. The Crew 2 is celebrating its third anniversary, but developer Ivory Tower is not going anywhere, with another season of content ready to release. This will get underway with the US Speed Tour East starting next month, bringing a new set of events spanning...

  • News The Crew 2 Is Free This Weekend on PS4

    Join the crew

    Looking for something new to play this Easter weekend? The Crew 2 is completely free on the PlayStation 4 from 9th April through 13th April, with no restrictions or limitations. Should you decide to purchase the multi-disciplined Ubisoft racer at the end of the trial, you’ll be able to continue you where you left off. It’s...

  • News You Can Play The Crew 2 for Free this Weekend on PS4

    Unlock a new car too

    Remember The Crew 2? Ubisoft has been continuing to support its open world racer since release back in June, and if you've been on the fence this whole time, here's some good news. From today through to Sunday 16th December, you'll be able to play this expansive racing game for free on PS4. What's more, if you do take part in...

  • Hands On The Crew 2 PS4 Beta Is Big, Barren, and Boring

    Sail away

    After spending several hours behind the wheel of The Crew 2's open beta, one warning light kept flashing up on the dashboard: it's too big. The map, a truncated version of the entire United States, is enormous - impressively so - but it's dull as dishwater. One of the major changes to this sequel is the addition of planes and boats, and...

  • Reminder The Crew 2 Open Beta Begins Today on PS4

    Start your engines

    The time has come for Ubisoft's open beta test for The Crew 2. Announced during its E3 2018 press conference, the beta starts today on PS4, and you'll be able to muck about in cars, boats, and planes until Monday 25th June. You've been able to download it ahead of time, but if you've yet to install it, the file size weighs in at...

  • E3 2018 The Crew 2 Is Getting an Open Beta on PS4, Pre-Load Available Now

    Start your engines

    The Crew 2 got a brand new trailer at Ubisoft's E3 2018 press conference, which you can see above. It's looking pretty decent ahead of its 26th June release date, but the big news is that an open beta will be taking place a little later this month on PS4. The beta will allow you to play the game between the 21st and the 25th...

  • News Here's 12 Crazy Minutes of Footage for The Crew 2


    The Crew 2 is shaping up to be far bigger and better than the 2014 original, and one of the biggest factors behind that is the ability to switch between your chosen method of transport at any moment. Just take a look at how utterly bonkers this looks in practice in the video above as a car turns into a plane before your eyes, and then...

  • News The Crew 2 Goes on a Road Trip from 29th June

    Surf and turf

    The Crew 2’s multi-discipline campaign will speed to the PlayStation 4 from 29th June, publisher Ubisoft has confirmed. Those of you who pre-order the Motor Edition – which bundles in a nifty license plate, some decals, a steelbook case, a map, and access to the Gold Edition of the game – will be able to play three days earlier...

  • News Sony Granting Refunds to The Crew 2 PS4 Pre-Orders Following Delay

    Emergency brake

    According to a report on Kotaku today, Sony will be refunding all PlayStation Store pre-orders of Ubisoft's open-world racer sequel, The Crew 2. This comes as a result of last month's news that several of the publisher's games were being pushed back. The Crew 2 was initially marked for release in March, but was delayed until the

  • Gamescom 2017 The Crew 2 Goes on a Bumpy Ride from 16th March

    Air, land, and sea

    The Crew 2 will start its engine on 16th March, publisher Ubisoft has announced. Revealed at E3 2017, the racing game takes the open world format of its predecessor – and adds boats, bikes, and planes into the equation. Pre-order and you’ll nab the Mercedes-AMG C 63 Touring Car 2016 and Harley-Davidson Iron 883 2017 vehicles,...

  • E3 2017 This Is How The Crew 2's Motorsport Triathlons Work

    One way or another

    One of the more bemusing announcements of E3 2017: The Crew 2 has boats now – and planes. As strong believers that Jet Moto deserves a reboot, this actually interests us – but how the feck does it all work? Simple, really – it adopts a triathlon format, flinging you from one discipline to the next in an attempt to hold...

  • News Ubisoft Sequel The Crew 2 Buckles Up on PS4

    You know as much as we do

    To coincide with Ubisoft’s financial call, the French publisher has dropped the most anticlimactic announcements on its forums. Hand-in-hand with Far Cry 5 – it’s using a nice font, that one – the company has confirmed that The Crew 2 is set to release at some point before 31st March, 2018. So, there’s that...

  • Gamescom 2015 Ubisoft's Still Trying to Flog The Crew

    Publisher overhauling PS4 racer's visuals

    We weren't all that enamoured with The Crew when it released on the PlayStation 4 last year, but kudos to Ubisoft, it's not pumping the brakes on the brand just yet. In fact, upcoming expansion Wild Ride is more than just your average DLC pack – it's going to launch alongside a brand new graphics engine...

  • 27


    Review The Crew

    Thank you for driving dangerously

    If you’ve ever fancied taking a coast-to-coast road trip across America, then you were probably excited by the announcement that Ubisoft's latest driving game The Crew was offering the chance to do just that. Even with its abbreviated version of the USA, the scale of its game world, coupled with the chance to tear...

  • Video How's the Latest Beta for The Crew Faring on PS4?

    Rocky road

    Words are overrated. We were going to pen a big lengthy article on The Crew’s most recent PlayStation 4 beta, but that takes time to both write and read. Instead, we figured that we’d show you how we’re getting on with Ubisoft’s latest racer. As you can see, things are going just great. [ Subscribe to our YouTube channel for...

  • News Do You Want to Play The Crew on PS4 Prior to Launch?

    Beta sign up quick

    In the aftermath of DriveClub’s well-documented problems, we actually admire Ubisoft for delaying The Crew while it runs one last closed beta. The title had been set to hit the road next month, but following some less than stellar feedback, the company has de

  • News The Crew Takes Time to Make a Few Additional Recruits

    Ambitious racer spending a few extra weeks in the workshop

    Ubisoft will be taking a little extra time to tinker with its ambitious open world racing release The Crew, as the title has taken a detour into December. The constantly connected ‘CaRPG’ had originally been set to take to the track on 11th November, but will now hit the road on 2nd...

  • E3 2014 The Crew Hits the Road from 11th November in North America

    Cruisin' USA

    Ubisoft’s ambitious open world racer The Crew will take a tour of the United States from 11th November, the French firm confirmed during its E3 2014 media briefing. The publisher revealed the date alongside a moody time lapse trailer, showing the journey from Miami to Los Angeles in approximately 113 seconds. If only real life travel...

  • News PS4 Racer The Crew Is Going to Drive Away with Your Wallet

    Money sink

    Ubisoft’s intriguing open world racer The Crew has always sounded ambitious, but we never expected its lofty aims to expand to its monetisation model as well. While the cross-country excursion – which will see you competing across a condensed interpretation of the United States – will release as a full-priced product for the...