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    Review Submerged

    Seas the day

    What if the combat-free opening hour of BioShock Infinite stretched on for much longer? Indeed, what if you could explore the beautiful ruins of a destroyed city without having to constantly fend for your life? Submerged – a game developed by ex-Bioshock staffers, incidentally – attempts to answer these very questions. But does this...

  • News Submerged Plunges to New Depths from 4th August

    PS4 explore-'em-up from ex-BioShock devs

    When not surfing and appearing as extras in Home & Away, the good people of Australia enjoy nothing more than making video games. Submerged, an exploration-focused foray from the wonderfully named Uppercut Games, looks to be one of the better titles to emerge from Down Under in quite some time –...

  • News Submerged Plunders the Depths of the PlayStation 4

    How low can you go?

    Not every game has to be about action, orcs, and nuclear warheads: Submerged introduces a much simpler premise, in which siblings Miku and Taku embark upon an adventure in a mysterious flooded city. With the latter of the duo injured, it's down to you to plunder this strange aquatic settlement for supplies – using little more...