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    Review Strider

    Escape from the city

    Frantic, split-second action is what the Strider franchise is all about, and with developer Double Helix's newest entry into the beloved series, fans will be glad to hear that the hectic feel of the older games has been recreated well. The question is: can ageing hero Strider Hiryu maintain the pace with newer sidescrollers?...

  • Interview Double Helix Games on Carving Out a New Strider for PS4

    Studio taking it all in its Strider

    It’s all change at Double Helix Games, with online retailer Amazon recently announcing that it had acquired the company outright. Fortunately, the takeover has not disrupted development on the studio’s promising Strider reboot, which is set to cut your console of choice to pieces on

  • News Strider Barrages Us with a Release Date, Pricing, and Customisation Details

    As quick as you like

    Over on Capcom's official Facebook page, the Japanese publisher has let rip with a bounty of new information regarding the upcoming return of Strider. The post states that the game will be slashing its way to Europe on 19th February, where it will cost €14.99 / £11.99. It also goes on to detail several newly revealed modes,...