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  • News PS Portal Outsells Xbox Series X|S During Launch Week in Spain

    Handheld had a strong debut

    Xbox isn’t exactly lighting up the sales charts at the moment – especially in Europe. It’s been a bit of a washout this year in countries like France and Germany, where Sony has seen PS5 sales explode by up to 143 per cent – while in October the Redmond firm witnessed a year-over-year decline of an extraordinary...

  • News PS Plus Subscribers in Spain Get a Bonus Game Next Month


    Those of you who have a PS Plus subscription in Spain can look forward to a bonus game in May 2021, as Waves Out will be offered as a free fourth title for members. This is part of the PlayStation Spain’s fairly industrious PS Talents scheme, which supports grassroots development. The PS4 puzzler sees you controlling a magnet, gathering up...