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    Review Soul Axiom

    Soul sacrificed

    Frictional Games' SOMA, last year's sci-fi horror follow-up to Amnesia: The Dark Descent, explored the idea of creating a copy of a human being and downloading it into a virtual "ark", thereby preserving mankind in case of global disaster. It proved to be an engaging central conceit, which touched on ideas of identity, morality, and...

  • First Impressions Scratching Our Heads Through Soul Axiom on PS4

    Axiom verge

    What do you get when you mix Tron with BioShock Infinite and Antichamber – and sprinkle a helping of Indiana Jones on top? The answer is, er, Soul Axiom. At least, that's the vibe that we got during a hands-on session with an early build of the game. The follow-up title from Master Reboot developer Wales Interactive, this is shaping up...

  • News Soul Axiom Peers Through the Peephole to PS4

    Soul searcher

    Indie games often get a lot of stick for employing dated gameplay mechanics or old-school visual styles, but Wales Interactive's forthcoming PlayStation 4 adventure Soul Axiom looks every inch a BioShock rival. A first-person sci-fi adventure, the title promises to take you on a journey through the "deepest, darkest recesses of your...