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  • News Vague Sly Cooper PS5 Game Rumours Debunked

    "No truth to this one, sorry to say"

    Speculation of a second game in production at Ghost of Tsushima studio Sucker Punch Productions tied to the late Sly Cooper series has been doing the rounds this weekend, but none of it's actually true. Alongside a presumed follow-up to the developer's samurai hit, Jeff Grubb of Giant Bomb suggested the team may...

  • News Sly Cooper Celebrates 20th Anniversary with Some Sweet Swag

    Gone but not forgotten

    The Sly Cooper series is celebrating its 20th anniversary today, and although it's been quite some time since the last instalment, it's hard not to feel happy for everyone's favourite thieving raccoon. Developer Sucker Punch has paid tribute to its creation through an extensive post on the PlayStation Blog, which features...

  • News No inFAMOUS or Sly Cooper Games in Development, Sucker Punch Confirms

    Sony dev focused on "current project" only

    Shaky rumours regarding previous Sucker Punch properties inFAMOUS and Sly Cooper have been doing the rounds for years now, and have only increased in frequency since the Sony studio released its biggest blockbuster yet, Ghost of Tsushima, in 2020. Indeed, there was a widespread inFAMOUS rumour making...

  • News Shaky Sly Cooper PS5 Rumours Intensify, with PixelOpus Attached

    The Thievius Raccoonus returns?

    Sigh, did WaddleDeeKnows teach us nothing? Mere weeks later and Twitter is once again up to its old tricks, this time with a new Sly Cooper title on the agenda. Unfortunately, for as much as we’d love to see the Thievius Raccoonus return, you’re going to be feeling very thirsty from the sheer amount of salt being...

  • News You Need to Let Sony Know if You Want More Sly Cooper

    Get Bentley

    Everyone bickers about PlayStation’s most popular platforming double-acts: Jak & Daxter or Ratchet & Clank? But this author’s always felt that Sly Cooper is secretly Sony’s best platforming property – in fact, if you haven’t played PlayStation 3 entry Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, then we strongly recommend digging out a...

  • News Sly Cooper Animated Series Starts October 2019

    52 episodes planned

    Sly Cooper’s long-awaited animated series will start in October 2019, with a whopping 52 episodes commissioned. Each instalment will be 11 minutes in length, with the ‘toon targeting both boys and girls aged between 6-years-old and 10-years-old. Of course, that means that the real audience will be long-time fans in their late...

  • News Sony's Teaming with Technicolor on a Sly Cooper Cartoon

    Could a new game be coming, too?

    Of the trio of PlayStation 2’s platforming icons, Sly Cooper is by far our favourite. And there’s good news for fans of the slapstick stealth series: Sony and Technicolor are working on a new television CG-animated cartoon inspired by the franchise. There are no additional details right now, but this appears to...

  • Review The Sly Collection (PlayStation Vita)

    Anthropomorphic excellence

    While the Jak & Daxter and Ratchet & Clank trilogies are widely regarded as the pinnacle of the PlayStation 2’s platforming fare, it’s Sucker Punch’s criminally underrated Sly Cooper series that stole this humble editor’s heart during the early-to-mid 2000s. Depicting the globetrotting antics of a light...

  • News Want a Bigger Backlog? Add Sly Cooper Trilogy to Your Swag Bag

    Heist alive

    Still not got enough content to keep your PlayStation Vita constantly switched on? As part of a cavalcade of announcements in Los Angeles earlier this evening, Sony has revealed that the Sly Cooper Collection is coming to the pocketable console, too. The sneaky set – which is already available for the PlayStation 3 – includes Sly...

  • News Sly Cooper's the Latest Sony Series to Sneak onto Tablets and Smartphones

    Sly devils

    Sony’s not going third-party, but it sure doesn’t seem to care about putting its wares on mobile platforms at the minute. Following in the hurried footsteps of endless runner Ratchet & Clank: Before the Nexus and match three adventure Knack’s Quest, the platform holder has now tossed Sly Cooper spin-off