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  • News Skate 4 Playtests Will Kickflip onto Console Eventually, EA Promises

    Gnarly bro

    Skate (or Skate 4, as it's colloquially known) is currently in development, with EA inviting the community in over the past year to kick its tiny, skate-board-sized wheels on PC. This has all been going swimmingly, apparently, but EA has thrown us console warriors a lifeline; we'll get the chance to have our say on PlayStation platforms,...

  • News The New Free-to-Play Skate for PS5, PS4 Is Really Coming Together Now

    New footage of pre-pre-alpha build

    EA is taking a slightly different marketing tactic with Skate, as it’s been quite open about the game ever since it started development. We’ve regularly been seeing early footage, and this pre-pre-alpha gameplay from a recent insider test is the best yet. While the title’s clearly still years away, we’re...

  • News Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, Skate Both At Least One Year Away from Launch

    Earnings report rules them out

    PS5 titles Dragon Age: Dreadwolf and Skate won't be releasing any time before April 2024 according to EA's projections for the coming fiscal year. Both games have been omitted from the company's latest earnings report, which shares a look at the announced games EA has planned to launch between April 2023 and March...

  • News Watch More Pre-Pre Alpha Gameplay of the New Skate in Latest Dev Diary

    How do you do

    EA announced a brand new entry in the beloved Skate series back in 2020, after a legion of fans repeated "Skate 4" at every given opportunity. It's a win, no question — these skateboarding titles are a real treat — but the publisher probably announced it a little too early. As we can see in this new dev diary, the game is still in...

  • News Skate's Anticipated PS5, PS4 Reboot Will Be Free-to-Play

    But will you bail?

    The new Skate game from EA Sports and Full Circle will be a free-to-play, live service game. It’s, of course, the natural progression for a series that’s aiming to be a skating sandbox where you make up the rules one ollie at a time, but it’s certainly a surprise change of direction for a franchise that has historically been...

  • News An Early Build of Skate 4 Has Leaked, and the Developers Have Asked Fans Not to Play It

    You wouldnt steal... an early build of Skate 4

    The long-in-development Skate 4 (which the devs simply call skate. with the full stop being intentional) recently re-emerged, with developer Deep Circle showing off some "pre-pre-pre-alpha" gameplay in a trailer called Still Working On It. In addition, the studio began accepting sign-ups for players...

  • News The New Skate Resurfaces with Super Early Gameplay Footage, Invites to Alpha Playtests

    Still working on it

    Skate 4 — or, as the dev is calling it, skate. including the full stop — was announced a couple of years ago, and it was obvious things were extremely early in proceedings. Fast-forward to this year, and we saw some leaked gameplay, which clearly showed the game is far from done. So, what's the status right now? Developer...

  • Rumour Skate 4 Reportedly Ready for Full Reveal in July

    Skate or die

    It's been just about two years since EA announced a new Skate game is in development, and we've seen very little since. There was that leaked footage from an extremely early build, but nothing official has come out about the project. With newly created studio Full Circle on dev duties, it sounds like the time may finally be right to lea

  • News Leaked Skate 4 Pre-Alpha Footage Offers a Very Early Glimpse at Gameplay

    Back to the old grind

    We've all been asking for a return to EA's Skate series for years, and the publisher finally answered the call in 2020. Tentatively called Skate 4, the upcoming new game from developer Full Circle is in full production right now, and a new clip circulating online gives us a vague idea of how things are progressing. A short...

  • News Skate 4 Won't Be at EA Play Live, But Here's a Behind the Scenes

    It doesn't give away much

    Update: Well, here's your first look at the new Skate game. Not really, it's still incredibly early, of course — it's a behind-the-scenes instead. The video focuses on motion capture, as well as some clips of feedback from fans. Check it out: It sounds like the game's going to be largely what we expected: an online...

  • News EA Establishes New Studio to Make Next Skate Game

    "Things have come full circle"

    The next Skate game, confirmed to be a thing during EA's digital event last summer, is a very long ways off — so much so that the publisher has only just announced it's putting together an entirely new studio to make it. The Vancouver-based Full Circle will lead development on the title, joined by Deran Chung, Cuz...

  • News Skate 4 to Focus on Community and User-Generated Content, EA Suggests

    Wants to appeal to a wide audience

    It feels like the gaming world has been waiting on a new entry in the Skate series for eons, and EA has finally announced its return. Yes, a brand new Skate game is in the works, and while it's undoubtedly very early days, the publisher has hinted at some details in a recent investor call. As reported by VGC,...

  • News There's a New Skate Game in Development

    That's it. That's the article

    After years and years of fan demands, EA has announced that a new Skate game is in development – presumably for the PlayStation 5. We say presumably because, well, the publisher quite literally had nothing else to share. No trailer. No name. No vague release date. Nothing. There’s a new Skate game in development,...

  • Random Skate 4 Trends on Twitter After Tony Hawk Remake Reveal

    Where is it EA?

    A certain group of people on the internet really, really want Skate 4 to become a reality and boy do they want you to know about it. The unannounced project trended yet again on Twitter earlier today following the announcement of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2 on PlayStation 4 with memes, jokes, and a vocal outcry questioning why EA...

  • News Skate 4 Hopes in Tatters After EA Leaves Trademark to Expire

    At least in heaven I can skate

    Electronic Arts has had a pretty disastrous generation. Its reputation has gone down the toilet in recent years, thanks primarily to its fascination with microtransactions and "surprise mechanics". That's not the only reason, though; its games have been generally uninspired, safe, and lacklustre experiences, and many...

  • E3 2018 Where the Hell Was Skate 4 at EA's Press Conference?

    Face plant

    There was a big, skateboard-shaped hole in EA’s big E3 2018 press conference today: where was Skate 4? Expectations, as they so often are, were raised to astronomical levels earlier this week when the publisher unceremoniously re-enabled Skate 3’s servers on last-gen consoles. Many, perhaps not unreasonably, assumed that it signalled...

  • News Skate 3's Restarted Servers Spark Skate 4 Speculation

    E3 2018 announcement inbound?

    Remember a while back when a group of Skate fans rallied together to spam the message "#Skate4" on all of EA's Instagram posts? And then an EA employee Tweeted out the hashtag, which of course went viral? Rumours surrounding a possible Skate 4 have been on and off for some years now, but a fresh clue has emerged, and...

  • News Sadly, EA's Not Making Skate 4 Right Now

    But it's coming, right?

    Despite a tweet from a community specialist which hinted the contrary, EA's not working on Skate 4 right now. Chief executive Andrew Wilson confirmed the tidbit during an earnings call, joking that it's disappointing news for EA CFO Blake Jorgensen who's apparently a big fan of the franchise. Him and the rest of the Internet...

  • News EA Engagement Employee Tweets About Skate 4

    And the Internet goes insane

    A calculated demonstration of the power of social media or a subtle hint? Only the senior manager of community engagement at EA knows the answer to that. All it took was a single hashtag for Daniel Lingen to send the Internet into a frothing frenzy: Skate 4. You may not know this, but

  • News EA's Social Media Accounts Are Being Spammed by Skate Fans

    Skate or die

    Skate fans are desperate for a new entry in the skateboarding simulation series, and they're doing everything within their power to get it made. The company's Instagram page, which has almost a million followers, is getting bombarded by eager 'boarders who want their favourite franchise to make a comeback. For example, an innocent...

  • News EA Shuts Down Another 18 Online Multiplayer Services

    EA's announced another batch of multiplayer titles that it is to cease supporting as of this coming August 11th

    The original Army Of Two, Skate and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 will all get the boot across PlayStation platforms, with Madden 10 and NHL 10 set to be closed at the start of October. We've included the full list of shutdowns after the jump...