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  • News Rocksmith+ Jams on PS5, PS4 with Subscription Teaching Tool

    Axe to grind

    A new version of Rocksmith is “coming soon” to PlayStation 5 and PS4, with a smartphone app allowing you to play without any cables to your console. While you will still be able to plug in if you prefer, your mobile device will effectively turn into a recorder, reading either your acoustic or electric guitar and scoring you...

  • News Guitar Training Tool Rocksmith Could Be Tuning Up on PS5

    Spinal tap out

    Ubisoft has announced that it will cease support for Rocksmith 2014 Edition on the PlayStation 4, as its San Francisco-based developer turns its attention to a “new project”. While it doesn’t specify what it’s working on, a blog post states that it “can’t wait to start the next leg of our music learning journey...

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    Review Rocksmith 2014 Edition

    Shred school

    As a lapsed guitar player, this wannabe rockstar was eagerly anticipating the release of Rocksmith 2014 Edition on the PlayStation 4. With two mistreated instruments decorated in dust, Ubisoft’s tutor promised a much needed excuse to wipe them down and get them back into action – but does this next-gen port squeal like Slash or hit...

  • News Rocksmith 2014 Edition Shreds a Path onto PlayStation 4

    Stop me if you've heard this one before

    Ubisoft will ensure that your guitar doesn’t gently weep this Christmas, by porting Rocksmith 2014 Edition to the PlayStation 4. The title – which, bizarrely, will only be available from Amazon in the UK – will launch on 4th November in North America and 7th November in Europe. Of course,

  • News Rocksmith's European Release Pushed Back

    Little known Ubisoft music game Rocksmith has been delayed in Europe

    The guitar game — which allows players to plug a real guitar into the PlayStation 3 — was pushed back due to music licensing and "other external factors" according to a post on the game's Facebook page. Ubisoft warned against importing the game, noting that services...

  • News Ubisoft's Rocksmith To Support Co-Operative Play With Seperate Cable

    If you're keen on rocking out with another, err, rocker, then Ubisoft's got your back

    The publisher's announced a new 1/4"-to-USB cable compatible with its real instrument-only music title, Rocksmith. The cord will retail separately for $29.99. The game's due out on October 11th on PlayStation 3.

  • News Hang On, What? Ubisoft Just Announced A New Music Game?

    Guitar Hero is dead

    Rock Band is presumably dead (for now, anyway). But apparently someone forgot to send Ubisoft the memo, as its just announced Rocksmith, a new music game for the PlayStation 3. According to reports, the game will ship with an input jack that works with a real guitar. The idea being that you'll be able to play the game with your...