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  • News Sony Takes Down PS5 Pro YouTube Leak, Suggesting It's All Legit

    More fuel for the fire

    As if there was much doubting it at this point, the copyright claim of a YouTube video, which has resulted in its removal, points towards all of the PS5 Pro leaks being accurate. The video in question was posted by the channel Moore's Law Is Dead, and it had a hand in kickstarting the leaks that have since surrounded Sony's...

  • News PlayStation Fans Torn on Prospect of PS5 Pro


    The all-but-official PS5 Pro has been a prominent talking point over the last couple of weeks, especially with leaked specifications and the like only adding fuel to the fire. But from our perspective, it's starting to seem like Sony has a fairly hard sell on its hands — even if the mid-gen upgrade ends up being aimed squarely at...

  • Guide Is There a PS5 Pro?

    When will the PS5 Pro release?

    Is there a PS5 Pro? When will Sony release the PS5 Pro? How much will PlayStation 5 Pro cost? What is PS5 Pro's release date? Sony has already revealed the PS5 and the PS5: Digital Edition, but what about an upgraded console with better hardware inside? As part of our PS5 guide, we're going to reveal whether there will...