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  • News PlayStation Blog Wants Your PS5, PS4 Game of the Year Votes

    Help decide 18 categories

    The Game Awards has already revealed its Game of the Year, us at Push Square are currently preparing our own end-of-year content, and now the official PlayStation Blog wants your votes across a number of PS5, PS4 categories. Live until midnight on 17th December 2023, you can help decide 18 different categories. That...

  • News PlayStation Blog Opens Votes for Its Game of the Year 2022 Awards

    Across 16 categories

    Sony's official PlayStation Blog has published its Game of the Year 2022 categories and opened up user voting across 16 different awards. The polls close on 14th December 2022, so you've got exactly one week to make your picks. You can head on over to the website to place your votes, but we've listed the categories and nominees...

  • Talking Point What Are Your Thoughts on the PS Blog in 2021?

    The state of Sony's official website

    While we consider Push Square to be a place for passionate PlayStation fans to gather and discuss their preferred pastime, the PS Blog is Sony’s official home and the place to get news straight from the horse’s mouth. Often we’ll take that information and extrapolate on it here, adding commentary and polls...