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    The perfect crime

    Porting PC simulation games to consoles is fraught with danger, with systemic complexities and control issues abound. Thankfully, Prison Architect manages to avoid most of these pitfalls, and serves as an exemplar of how the genre should make the transition in future. In the game's main mode you'll be presented with a large plot...

  • News Prison Architect Breaks Free from 28th June on PS4

    Theme Penitentiary

    Prison Architect's been sentenced to a 28th June release date on the PlayStation 4. The long anticipated incarceration simulation has sold over a million copies on the PC, and has been transferred to the PlayStation 4 by top UK dev Double Eleven. This one's available both physically and digitally, and if you pre-order now, you'll...

  • News Prison Architect Plans a Jail Break on PS4

    Tunnel vision

    Here's a bit of behind-the-scenes info: for as long as Push Square has been attending UK trade shows, Introversion Software has been showing Prison Architect. No, seriously, there's not a year gone by where the isometric cell simulator hasn't been on display at EGX, Rezzed, or any one of the numerous other British-based games...