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  • Guide PS5 Price: How Much Is a PS5?

    Taking the plunge

    How much is a PS5? You're probably eager to know how much the PS5 will cost you to buy, especially if you need to save up for the new-gen system. As part of our PS5 guide, we're going to share the latest information on the PS5 price, but if you're looking for PS5 release date and PS5 stock information th

  • News PS5 Price May Dip Below $400, Analyst Speculates

    Cheap as chips

    How much will the PlayStation 5 cost? We should find out officially during the PS5 Showcase Event tomorrow, but Bloomberg Intelligence analyst Masahiro Wakasugi believes that the console could be priced as low as $449 – while its digital counterpart could “dip below $400”. That would be outrageously aggressive pricing for a...

  • Report PS5's Price Could Be $50 Cheaper if You Go for the Digital Edition

    Small savings

    We don’t know how much the PlayStation 5 will cost, but boss Jim Ryan appears to be buttering fans up ahead of a high price point. The executive recently talked about how it’s emphasising “value” with its next-gen system, which is a gigantic red flag if ever we’ve seen one. He told the BBC: “We must be more attentive than

  • News PS5's Price Could Be Undercut by Xbox Series X, Analysts Suggest

    Sticky situation

    Speaking as part of a live episode of Geoff Keighley's Bonus Round this week, Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter suggested that Microsoft may undercut the price of the PlayStation 5 this holiday. According to the industry analyst, he thinks Sony will charge $500 for its next-gen console, giving its Redmond competitor the...

  • News Sony Not Yet Ready to Talk About PS5 Price, Games, or Services

    Just the specs for now

    In case you haven't heard, the PS5 has been revealed. Well, in text form, at least. Wired has published an exclusive article all about Sony's next-gen machine. It includes a load of technical specifications and other drool-inducing details. In short, the PS5 sounds like a monster of a console. But what about the other...

  • News PS Vita UK Release Date and Price Listed by GameStop

    Pound for pound

    Back in June, Sony announced a PS Vita release date and price for both North America and Europe, marking the device at $249/€249 for the Wi-Fi model and $299/€299 for 3G. But the release date was left open, merely stating a global 2011 launch for the device, and never mentioning a United Kingdom price. Now GameStop UK has set up...

  • News PS Vita Releases Globally 2011, Priced $249 and $299

    3G and Wifi, respectively

    Sony announced at their E3 presentation today that the PlayStation Vita will release globally by the end of 2011, and will be priced at $249/€249 and $299/€299 for the Wifi and 3G versions of the handheld. In Japan, the two separate SKUs will be priced at ¥24,980 and ¥29,980. The pricing falls mostly in line with...