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  • News Plex Will Be Available on PS5 At Launch

    Flex from Plex

    Media hub and streaming app Plex will be available on PlayStation 5 at launch, according to the company. A Reddit user shared a conversation with the company, where it confirmed that the client will be available day one on Sony’s next-gen console: This comes after the

  • News Media Streaming App Plex Now Broadcasts onto American PS4s, PS3s


    Media streaming service Plex is now broadcasting onto PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 consoles throughout America. The popular app has been available in Europe for a little while, but is only now making its way across the pond. Indeed, those of you stationed in North America, Canada, and Latin America will now be able to use the service...

  • Guide How to Stream 1080p Videos from Your PC to the PS4

    Movie media server

    Despite the promise of future support from platform holder Sony, the PlayStation 4 is currently very poor when it comes to local media playback. While it includes compatibility with key applications such as Netflix and the BBC iPlayer, it’s currently impossible to play videos, listen to music, or even view photos from your local...