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  • Review Heroes of Loot (PS Vita)

    ​Every little loot helps

    In the mood for some mobile-friendly monster murdering, dungeon marauding, and treasure looting on a bit of a restricted budget? Welcome to your new best friend, Heroes of Loot – a kind of Poundland answer to Diablo-style dungeon crawls. This is a rather lovely, simple, and fun mix of the role-playing and roguelike...

  • Review Gunslugs (PlayStation Vita)

    Bang, bang, bang for your buck

    Gunslugs offers the promptest path to a dose of explosive Rambo-esque action on the PlayStation Store. When you first boot up this 2D side-scrolling shooter, you’ll be greeted to an electrifying arcade song and the image of an 8-bit inspired military agent decked out in a facemask. A dead ringer for famous cartoon...