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  • Random Olympics Volley Ball Player Kelly Claes Loves Marvel's Spider-Man

    "Spider-Man all day!"

    Video games appear to be seeping into the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. First, we had the opening ceremony, which featured music from various Japanese game franchises. Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, Monster Hunter, and plenty more got a nod as athletes from competing countries walked into the stadium. It was pretty great. Anyway, one...

  • News Qualify for the Actual Olympics in GT Sport Now

    Pedal to the medal

    Always dreamed of being an actual Olympic athlete? Well, now you have the opportunity – but you’re going to need to be bloody good at GT Sport to qualify. As reported previously, Polyphony Digital’s simulation racer has been selected as part of the inaugural Olympic Virtual Series, which will see the world’s best players...

  • News Gran Turismo Is Going to the Tokyo Olympics


    Gran Turismo is set to become a bona fide Olympic sport, as it’s been selected as one of the five official partners of the inaugural Olympic Virtual Series, which is slated to take place from 13th May through 23rd June. That’s prior to the delayed Tokyo Olympics, which is currently scheduled to start in July. This will mark the first ever...