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    Review Oh, Deer!

    Buck up

    There's no doubt about it: Oh, Deer!'s got ample game – just not necessarily the right kind. NecroSoft's last hurrah for Sony's ill-fated PlayStation Mobile initiative epitomises everything that the programme should have stood for: it's accessible, affordable, and utterly outlandish. And yet despite all of that, it's more of a proof of...

  • News PlayStation Mobile's Last Ever Game Looks Pretty Rad

    Oh, deer

    We gave up covering PlayStation Mobile a few years ago, so we're part of the problem. It became clear to us in those early days of the platform that, despite being a decent idea, it wasn't going to get much traction – and it made more sense for us to cover the native PlayStation Vita games primarily; y'know, the ones that people were...

  • News Futuristic PS4 Volleyball Sim Gunsport Fires Free in First Gameplay Footage

    Shotgun spikers

    For a game that's clearly been built with local multiplayer sessions in mind, Gunsport has a supremely complex storyline. We've read the title's latest PlayStation Blog post several times over now, and we still don't really understand what the release is all about. Seriously, director Brandon Sheffield outlines a narrative involving...