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  • Review Slime Rancher (PS4)

    They slimed me

    Few games use pure joy as a central design choice. Fewer still manage to make a world of very little real threat compelling. Indie dev Monomi Park’s cartoonish farming sim Slime Rancher manages to do both. A fine entry into the often neglected feelgood genre, it's good enough to be mentioned in the same breath as Katamari Damacy and...

  • News Slime Rancher Squelches onto PS4 in September

    Slime time

    You'd be forgiven for not noticing the quiet announcement of Slime Rancher bouncing its way onto PS4 later this year, what with all the focus on a certain red and blue superhero and a little purple dragon. However, this cheery indie first person farming sim will be hitting Sony's co