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  • News MediEvil Music Composers Returning for PS4 Remake

    Getting the band back together

    Back in October, when Sony revealed the first proper trailer for MediEvil on PS4, Shawn Layden spoke about bringing back some old faces to lend their talents to the project. We know that the man behind Sir Dan's voice is back on board for the remake, but he's certainly not alone.


  • Rumour Is Sony Planning More MediEvil Games?

    Probably not

    If we're to learn anything from recent times, it's that you should watch what you say online. It turns out there's always more than one way to interpret a statement, so choosing your words wisely will keep you out of most trouble. Of course, we can't stay on guard forever, and this recent tweet from someone working on MediEvil for PS4...


  • News Your First Look at MediEvil, Remade from the Grave Up for PS4

    Sir Dan lives

    Sir Dan is back on the PlayStation 4 in MediEvil, and as promised earlier in the month, this is no mere remaster. Instead being remade from the “grave up” by Other Ocean Interactive, here’s your first look at how the Hero of Gallowmere has made the transition to new-gen hardware. To be honest, this footage is looking rough...

  • News MediEvil PS4 Is a Full Remake, Says Shawn Layden

    Not just a remaster

    Since the announcement of MediEvil on PS4 at last year's PSX, it hasn't been entirely clear whether Sir Dan's revamped adventure would be a simple remaster or a full-blown remake. It's almost been a year since we've heard anything concrete about the project, and with only a brief teaser trailer to go on, fans of the series have...

  • News MediEvil PS4 Remake Trailer Coming to Life on Halloween

    'It's looking pretty sweet'

    As promised last week on the PlayStation Blogcast, Sony big wig Shawn Layden has returned to the show in the latest episode to provide an update on MediEvil for PS4. While he doesn't go into very much detail, he does give a couple of things to chew on that fans will assuredly be happy to hear. Firstly, Layden clears up...

  • News MediEvil Voice Actor Hints at Role Reprisal for PS4 Remake

    Sir Dan's the man

    Jason Wilson, the voice of MediEvil protagonist Sir Daniel Fortesque, has left a big hint that he will be reprising his role for the forthcoming PlayStation 4 remake. The former Sony employee – who co-created the game with James Pond maker Chris Sorrell – posted a photograph on social media of him wearing a bucket. He included...

  • News MediEvil PS4 Remaster News Will Finally Rise from the Grave

    In a week or two

    It's been quite some time since we heard even a whisper about the PlayStation 4 remaster of MediEvil, but it sounds like some fresh information is finally heading our way in the near future. On the latest PlayStation Blogcast, host Sid Shuman hints that news is coming within the next couple of weeks. "I have it on excellent...

  • News MediEvil Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary Today

    Pour one out for Sir Dan

    Pesky timezones aside, it’s been 20 years since MediEvil first released on the PSone. Created by Sony’s Cambridge studio – which would go on to be rebranded Guerrilla Cambridge before being shuttered entirely – the action platformer commands a place in the rotten ribcages of most old-school PlayStation fans for its...



  • News Fans Fight for MediEvil Resurrection After Crash Bandicoot Success

    Sir Dan fans speak

    Crash Bandicoot’s comeback can partly be attributed to the success of various social media campaigns, as PlayStation fans lobbied both Sony and Activision for the marsupial to make his marvellous return. As it turns out, the N. Sane Trilogy has been one of the better selling titles of the year, rarely straying from the top of...


  • News MediEvil Fan Puts a Nail in the Coffin of PS4 Comeback

    It's dead, folks

    We warned you that that "leaked" MediEvil footage was probably fake, but now its creator has come out and confirmed as much. We'd been speculating internally that the videos looked like they'd been built using Unreal Engine 4, and the maker has since stated that that's the case; it was a bit of a hobby project, then. Writing on...

  • News Those MediEvil PS4 Rumours Have Risen from Their Grave


    For as long as this site has been online, there have been rumours regarding a hypothetical MediEvil sequel. Sir Dan Fortesque was a pretty popular character on the PSone, before he got bundled back into his coffin. Sony did allow the star to stretch his bony legs in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, but a full comeback has always seemed...