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  • News EA Sports Introduces PS5 Versions of FIFA 21, Madden NFL 21

    No word on NBA Live 21, NHL 21

    We can safely say this trailer features football and not annoy anyone in the process. This first look at FIFA 21 and Madden NFL 21 on the PlayStation 5 is surprisingly light on gameplay – especially when the two titles will launch later this year. Alas, they do look nice – even if it’s not especially clear how...

  • News Madden NFL 21 Owners Can Upgrade to PS5 from PS4 for Free

    But there are a few catches

    If you purchase Madden NFL 21 on the PlayStation 4, you’ll be able to upgrade to the PlayStation 5 version free of charge – assuming you claim your copy prior to the release of next season’s game. American football tie-ins tend to launch prior to the start of the season, so you’ll have until around August 2021 to...

  • E3 2019 EA Sports Dishes the Dirt on Madden NFL 20 Gameplay

    Run-Pass-Option revised

    EA Play 2019 didn’t prove to be a vintage curtain raiser for E3 2019, but we were treated to some new Madden NFL 20 gameplay details. In addition to the Face of the Franchise campaign mode – which you can read more about

  • E3 2019 Madden NFL 20 Will Make You the Face of a Franchise

    From college to king

    Everyone wants to play quarterback, but only an elite few get the opportunity. Madden NFL 20’s new campaign mode will see you become the face of a franchise, as you work your way through the college ranks and into the draft. There’s a trailer embedded above featuring Kansas City Chiefs star Patrick Mahomes, as he gives a...

  • News Kansas City Quarterback Patrick Mahomes Fronts Madden NFL 20

    New campaign mode sees you become a franchise's face

    Kansas City Chiefs quarterback and no-look pass master Patrick Mahomes will front Madden NFL 20, which is due out 2nd August. The headline new feature this year is the Face of the Franchise: QB1 Career Campaign, which will see you working your way through college, before facing the draft and...

  • News Mass Shooting Reported at Madden NFL 19 Tournament in Florida

    Multiple fatalities confirmed

    A shooting has occurred at a Madden NFL 19 tournament in Jacksonville, Florida today, with multiple fatalities confirmed. Videos on social media reveal harrowing scenes from the event, where attendees had gathered to play EA Sports’ latest American football game. The Jacksonville County Sherriff’s Office confirmed...

  • Soapbox Madden NFL’s Longshot Is the Kind of Direct-to-DVD Drama I Adore

    Baffling in the best way

    Okay, we’ve got to talk about Madden NFL’s Longshot mode, because I feel like this is flying under the radar. I quite like FIFA’s rags-to-riches stories, depicting the rise of Clapham’s finest forward Alex Hunter, but I absolutely love Devin Wade and Colt Cruise’s pursuit of NFL stardom. Playing through Homecoming,...

  • News Colin Kaepernick's Name Scrubbed from Madden NFL 19

    It's not in the game

    Colin Kaepernick, the ex-San Francisco 49ers quarterback who’s caught up in a political hurricane, has had his name scrubbed from a song on the soundtrack of Madden NFL 19. The song, Big Bank by YG, has various profanities which have been digitally edited out in order to maintain the American football game’s age rating –...

  • News Pittsburgh Steelers Wide Receiver Antonio Brown Fronts Madden NFL 19

    Made of Steeler stuff

    The Pittsburgh Steelers’ superstar wide receiver Antonio Brown will be the face of Madden NFL 19, on the back of a season where he registered over 100 receptions for around 1,600 yards. The six-time Pro Bowler is one of seven players with a 99 rating in the game, and is the first star to be featured without his helmet on...

  • E3 2017 Madden NFL 18 to Feature Full Story Mode


    Following in the footsteps of FIFA 18, this year's Madden NFL 18 will feature a story mode called Longshot. It stars the acting of Mahershala Ali from House of Cards fame and Scott Porter from the American football TV series Friday Night Lights.  On the official website, publisher EA had this to say: "After three years away from...

  • E3 2016 EA Announces Madden NFL 17 Championship Series, Offers $1 Million in Prize Money

    Here comes the money

    EA has been a big supporter of eSports recently and it looks like it will be continuing that support in a big way during its Madden NFL 17 Championship Series. The tournament offers a massive $1 million in prize money and will span an entire year, with events being held at four EA Majors as well as other events that will be...

  • E3 2016 EA Shows Off New Madden 17 Gameplay Trailer

    Let's play some football

    EA has shown off a brand new gameplay trailer for Madden NFL 17 using entirely in-game footage at its EA Play press conference. While to the average viewer it appears the same as previous iterations, it seems this year EA have put a greater focus on blocking punts and field goals. The trailer ends on a cinematic shot of...

  • 8


    Review Madden NFL 15

    Defensive win

    It’s Madden Season, so it's time to pone your rivals and show them what you're made of on the gridiron — well, the virtual gridiron, at least. Unlike previous titles, this year’s release of the American football simulator makes some pretty massive changes to the way that the game is played. Madden NFL 15 has taken inspiration...

  • News Madden NFL 15 Looks Practically Petrifying on the PS4

    If looks could kill

    It’s that time of the year where this editor starts panicking over who’s going to review the latest American Football game. While our UK-based office is brimming with footy fanatics, the majority of this team has a fondness for the wrong kind of beautiful game, and that’s likely to cause problems when Madden NFL 15 touches...