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  • News World War I FPS Tannenberg Marks PS4 Release with Launch Trailer

    Trench storming

    World War I is a time period that hasn't been explored too much in games, but Tannenberg is trying to change that with today's PlayStation 4 release. Based on the eastern front, up to 40 players can battle it out for territory and dominance in online multiplayer matches. The main mode appears to revolve around capturing key sectors...

  • News World War I FPS Tannenberg Storms the Trenches on PS4 This Month

    40-player online battles

    Surprisingly, World War I is a historic battle that has been largely unexplored in the gaming industry. Battlefield 1 took a stab at it and building off of its predecessor, Verdun, is Tannenberg. This online FPS allows up to 40 soldiers to battle it out on the Eastern Front and it's finally coming to PlayStation 4 after...

  • News Verdun Returns to the Trenches with PS4 Remaster, Free Update Out Now

    New content and tweaks

    Verdun, the realistic World War 1 shooter, took to the trenches on PlayStation 4 back in late 2016, but it's already back with a free remaster for existing owners which bring with it a number of enhancements and improvements to better your chances of survival. Available to download right now, the patch is packing new content...

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    Review Marooners

    Left alone

    Marooners is a party game that consists of a collection of mini-games thrown together to form a short, competitive title. Each game will only last a measly five minutes with up to four players local or six players online battling it out to be the last one standing in each mini-game. In arena mode you battle against your opponents,...

  • E3 2016 World War I FPS Verdun Is Hitting PS4 Soon

    Trench warfare

    Verdun is a realistic multiplayer FPS game set in the years 1914 to 1918, which is renowned for its convincing World War 1 setting and expertly crafted gameplay. It was originally released on the PC in late April 2015, but with a high level of success the team began working on console in secret. For a while, there have been rumours...