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  • News Aztech Forgotten Gods Remembers PS5, PS4 This Year

    Billed as a Latinx-Futurism cyberstone colossus fighter

    There’s room for one more god slayer on PlayStation 5 and PS4 it seems, as Mulaka developer Lienzo readies Aztech Forgotten Gods for release later this year. “In Aztech’s alternate history, European powers never arrived on the shores of ancient Mesoamerica,” the press release explains...

  • Review Mulaka (PS4)

    Always further on

    Mulaka is a third-person action-adventure game from Mexican developer Lienzo that tells the story of the titular character who is the Sukuruame, or shaman, of the Tarahumara people of Mexico. It tells an interesting story, incorporating true-to-life fables and stories of the Native American people of Chihuahua. On a spiritual...