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  • News King of Fighters XV Announced, Now in Development

    Taking back the crown

    SNK has confirmed that King of Fighters XV is now in development. It received a tiny, tiny teaser at Evo 2019, which only showed the project's logo. No release window, or even systems were confirmed, although we're sure that SNK will clarify the latter soon. Are you a KoF fan? Get your combos together in the comments section...

  • News The King of Fighters '97 Schedules a Global Match on PS4, PS Vita

    Will you KoF up for it?

    In news that could only truly excite editorial director Damien McFerran, SNK has announced The King of Fighters ’97 Global Match. Despite the name, it’s scheduled to release in 2018 – sometime in the Spring, to be more precise. It's due out on the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita. As alluded, the headline new addition to this...

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    Review The King of Fighters XIV

    Royal ruckus

    While Capcom is rightly credited as the company which kick-started interest in the one-on-one fighting genre, there's another firm which built up comparable reputation in the field and – some would passionately argue – actually managed to trump the creator of Street Fighter on more than one occasion. SNK would become a household...

  • TGS 2015 The King of Fighters XIV Roundhouse Kicks onto PS4 

    Mai goodness

    The latest game in the long-running King of Fighters franchise was today announced at Sony's pre-Tokyo Game Show press conference. Titled The King of Fighters XIV, the brawler will be coming to PlayStation 4, however developer SNK Playmore didn't reveal if it'll be exclusive to Sony's super machine.