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  • News Naughty Dog Wishes It Was Working on New Jak & Daxter Game

    "We still love the characters"

    What will the next game from The Last of Us and Uncharted studio Naughty Dog be? Probably not a new entry in the classic Jak & Daxter franchise, but co-president Evan Wells wishes it would be. Speaking alongside Insomniac Games' Ted Price during an episode of the Game Maker's Notebook series and picked up by

  • News Jak & Daxter's PS4 Re-Releases Will Delight Trophy Fans

    Pricing's pretty decent, too

    The trio of Jak & Daxter titles set to release on the PlayStation 4 this week as PS2 Classics will come with 118 Trophies in tow – and that’s ignoring Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, which launched earlier in the year. All of the titles include Platinum Trophies, with Jak X: Combat Racing receiving...

  • News Trio of Jak & Daxter Titles Launch on PS4 Next Week

    Jak's back

    They were spotted on the PlayStation Store a few days ago, and now they’ve been dated: Jak II, Jak 3, and Jak X: Combat Racing will complete the Jak & Daxter series on the PlayStation 4 from 6th December – well, assuming you ignore the handful of PSP spin-offs anyway. A

  • News Jak & Daxter's PS4 Re-Releases Can't Be Too Far Away Now

    Team eco

    There’s no way around it: Sony’s PS2 Classics initiative has been embarrassing. While the ports are generally pretty good – complete with Trophy functionality, upscaling, and integration with the PlayStation 4’s operating system – they’ve been slow to release, and so many essentials from the last-last-gen console’s catalogue...

  • Video Here's How Jak & Daxter Scrubs Up on PS4

    The precursor legacy

    Throwback platformers are enjoying something of a renaissance in 2017, but outside of a certain plumber scheduled to arrive imminently on the Nintendo Switch, you may be hard pressed to find a better collectathon than Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy on any console this year. Sure, Yooka-Laylee was all new – but you’d...

  • News Jak & Daxter's PS4 Trophies Go Live Ahead of Launch

    Free with Uncharted: The Lost Legacy pre-orders

    Jak & Daxter’s coming to the PlayStation 4 next week as a PS2 Classic, and its Trophies have hit Sony’s servers in preparation for the platformer’s release. This is the same list as on the PlayStation 3, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble gobbling up that Platinum in a single...

  • News Jak & Daxter Tetralogy Nearing PS4 Release

    Jak box party pack

    Jak & Daxter will make the leap of faith to the PlayStation 4 imminently it seems, as all four of Naughty Dog’s classic PlayStation 2 titles have been rated by American ratings board, the ESRB. The titles were confirmed for Sony’s new-gen console some time back – with the Precursor Legacy becoming a pre-order bonus for

  • News Naughty Dog's Four Jak & Daxter Titles Are Coming to PS4

    Precursor legacy

    You can't have a platforming renaissance without Naughty Dog's numerous Jak & Daxter titles, can you? Sony seems to have remembered recently that it started a PS2 Classics initiative on the PlayStation 4 a few years back, and now we're beginning to see a steady trickle of up-rendered ports. Next up: four Jak & Daxter titles...

  • Weirdness This Is the Jak & Daxter Sequel You'll Never Play

    Jak the lad

    It's no secret that Naughty Dog started work on a new Jak & Daxter game for the PlayStation 3. The developer has spoken openly about this over the years, explaining that it spent a lot of time prototyping new ideas, before eventually opting to create The Last of Us instead. "We were questioning ourselves: were we doing this for...

  • News Don't Hold Out Hope for Jak & Daxter on PS4

    Naughty Dog says it's moved into a new realm

    There will always be demand for some of Sony's older mascots on the PlayStation 4. Just looking at the engagement on our articles, you guys really want a new Crash Bandicoot for the Japanese giant's next-gen machine, but that's locked behind various legal tangles. A fresh Jak & Daxter is probably the...

  • News This Is What a Remake of the Worst Jak & Daxter Would Look Like

    Panic stations

    Not even Naughty Dog likes Jak II: Renegade, and for good reason – it's absolutely atrocious. As such, we're not entirely sure why budding Australian artist Jordan Stewart-Herlihy has decided to remake the divisive second instalment, but his work is still worth sharing – even if the sight of those sliding electrical traps makes us...

  • News Collect Your Own Precursor Orb from the Naughty Dog Shop

    Daxter stupidest thing ever

    Naughty Dog’s gotten so big over the past five or so years that it now has its own official online store. Partly designed to celebrate the studio’s 30th anniversary, the firm is selling off several collectible items, including The Last of Us-inspired clothing, art books – and Precursor Orbs. Yeah, you read that...

  • News The Naughty Dog Sequel That You'll Never Get to Play

    Jak of all trades

    It’s no secret that prior to starting full production on The Last of Us, Naughty Dog was toying with the idea of returning to Jak & Daxter. While the series had been kept relevant by Ready at Dawn and High Impact Games, the Californian developer hadn’t actually touched the property since 2005, with its final PlayStation 2...

  • News Naughty Dog Is Willing to Make Jak 4 Given the Right Story

    So you're telling me there's a chance

    It seems like there may yet be hope for a new instalment in the Jak and Daxter franchise. In a recent Ask Me Anything session on Reddit, The Last of Us' game director Bruce Straley was quizzed about the future of the platforming series, and he had some interesting words to share about the property. Firstly, the...