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    Review Serial Cleaner

    Clean getaway

    Joining the not-so-crowded sub-genre of post-mayhem caretaking sims, Serial Cleaner puts you in the shoes (sneakers?) of a crook hired to clean crime scenes before the cops find any clues. This includes removing bodies, clearing up blood spatter with your trusty hoover, and pocketing evidence for yourself along the way. The kicker is...

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    Review Die! Die! Die!

    Battles of the body

    As you may suspect from the awkwardly dubbed Die! Die! Die!, your primary objective in this PlayStation Vita release is to kill everything that you come into contact with. However, what the name doesn't convey is that this isn't exactly an avenue for yet another murderous rampage. As it turns out, this is a Missile...

  • News Die! Die! Die! Takes You on a Trip Through the Human Body

    No, that's the name of the game

    Die! Die! Die! hopes to get your blood pumping and your bowels rumbling this week, as it brings biological battles to the PlayStation Vita. The surgical simulator – out today in Europe – promises a seven hour excursion through the circulatory system, spanning three campaigns, 84 levels, and more. Judging by the...

  • News The Worst Game Ever Is Teased For The PlayStation Portable

    The iPhone's Crap Of Defense is widely considered to be the worst game ever

    Not literally, apparently it's actually alright. It's just a marketing thing. A teaser image sent out by iFun4All suggests the game may be on its way to the PSP with a slight name change. Paper Wars: Cannon Fodder is likely to be the same worst game ever made, but on PSP...