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  • Guide Best PS5 and PS4 External Hard Drives

    HDDs to suit every budget

    What are the best external hard drives and SSDs for PS5 and PS4? To increase your PS5 or PS4's storage, you can plug in an external HDD or solid state drive via USB 3.0 connection. It's extremely easy, and will greatly increase the number of games you can have on your console at once. So, which is the best PS5 and PS4...

  • Guide Best PS4 External SSD Hard Drive Upgrades

    SSDs to suit every budget

    So you are a busy guy, you don't have time to change PS4 discs? Well you will definitely benefit from picking up a PS4 external hard drive, loading games from either your PS4's internal HDD or an external hard drive. But what if you want to take things to the next level? Transfer times faster than the speed of light? Games...

  • News Pay a Premium for the PlayStation Logo on a Licensed Seagate PS4 Hard Drive

    Or just get the unofficial one now

    Sony’s teaming up with Seagate to bring a new officially licensed PlayStation 4 external hard drive to store shelves – or you can just pick up the unbranded version for a few bucks less. The new 2TB game drive – which has apparently been “rigorously tested and optimised” for the PS4 – plugs directly...