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  • Guide Best PS4 External SSD Hard Drive Upgrades in 2019

    SSDs to suit every budget

    So you are a busy guy, you don't have time to change PS4 discs? Well you will definitely benefit from picking up a PS4 external hard drive, loading games from either your PS4's internal HDD or an external hard drive. But what if you want to take things to the next level? Transfer times faster than the speed of light? Games...

  • Guide Best PS4 External Hard Drive Upgrades in 2019

    HDDs to suit every budget

    While it's still very convenient to pick up PS4 games on a Blu-ray disc, if you are anything like us you'll have been tempted by the multitude of downloadable goodies which go on sale from time to time on the PlayStation Store. Factor in an enormous PS Plus backlog, and before long you'll have chewed through all the...