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  • Review GRID - Codemasters Is Driving Safe with a Solid PS4 Reboot

    It's not quite a Jaguar

    The GRID series has an interesting history. The inaugural title, Race Driver: GRID, was a cracking debut that served as a sort of successor to the TOCA franchise. It laid down some incredibly solid groundwork that sequels didn't quite build upon properly. Codemasters has seen fit to revisit the series with the appropriately...

  • News Action Packed GRID Trailer Outlines Features in Upcoming PS4 Racer

    Get your heart racing

    The release of GRID is now less than a month away on PlayStation 4, and it's looking like a solid new entry in the series. This new trailer gives a brief overview of all the buzzwords being thrown around for the fast approaching racer, touching on new systems and gameplay modes. For example, it tells of the AI, and how each...

  • News GRID PS4 Trailer Shows New Track and Cars While Detailing Game Modes

    Spoiler alert

    The brief glimpses we've had of the new GRID on PlayStation 4 have been pretty promising. The racing series is making a return, and it seems like it's going to be another robust entry. The latest trailer, embedded above, shows off a new track - namely Sydney Motorsport Park - as well as the Honda CRX MightyMouse. Over the footage, two...

  • News Blink and You'll Miss This Short But Sweet GRID PS4 Gameplay Trailer

    Va va vroom

    We're rather excited about the return of GRID on PlayStation 4. The first game especially was a breath of fresh air, introducing the endlessly copied rewind system to the racing genre. The revival on current platforms looks like it's going to tread similar territory, but we're not complaining. Aside from DriveClub, there aren't too many...

  • News GRID Takes a Pit Stop on PS4, Delayed to October


    Since the game's announcement earlier in the year, we've not heard much at all about GRID, Codemasters' next racing title. There's been a bit of gameplay, but we still know very little about the game itself. We expect it'll be good, given the track record of the series and the company's recent output, but it would be nice to learn a touch...

  • News First GRID PS4 Gameplay Footage Speeds into View

    Mean streets

    Yesterday, Codemasters announced the return of GRID on PlayStation 4. The series, which occupies a sort-of half-way house between arcade and sim, has historically been pretty good, and it introduced the idea of rewinding time to fix mistakes. In a new video from IGN, we don't see this feature in action, but we do get a few minutes of...

  • News Codemasters Announces GRID, Coming to PS4 in September

    Ultimate edition confirms post-launch content

    Codemasters has just revealed its latest racing game, titled GRID. It's coming to the PlayStation 4 on 13th September, and you can get your first glimpse of footage in the announcement trailer above, courtesy of IGN. While it doesn't give away too much, we expect this to be a semi-serious arcade racing...

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    Review GRID Autosport

    Three-point turn

    GRID 2 was largely seen as a disappointment by many of the series’ fans – a step in the wrong direction, lacking the focus and discipline that made the original release such a compelling outing for racing enthusiasts. GRID Autosport, the latest offering from British firm Codemasters, aims to redeem the series – and bar a few...

  • News GRID Autosport Puts the Brakes on PlayStation 4 Release

    There will be car-nage

    Strange spin-off Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel will not be the only major release to skip the PlayStation 4 this year, as Codemasters has confirmed that GRID Autosport will also steer away from Sony’s next-gen system. Due out on 27th June – seriously – the new PlayStation 3 title aims to put an emphasis back on...