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  • News Is Gone Home Stuck at the Top of Your PS5 Profile, Too?

    Go home, please

    Here's a bit of a strange bug both this scribe and Push Square editor Sammy Barker have encountered: Gone Home is stuck at the top of our PlayStation 5 profiles for seemingly no real reason. The walking simulator from 2016 hasn't been played by either one of us since its PlayStation 4 launch and we haven't tested it via backwards...

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    Review Gone Home

    Home sweet home

    You can count the number of great video game love stories on one hand. ICO is the first that springs to mind; The Last of Us: Left Behind is another. Gone Home, the 2013 indie hit from The Fullbright Company, may just be the best yet, though. This exploratory adventure is devastatingly real, which makes its expertly executed payoff...

  • News Gone Home Fumbles for the PS4 Front Door Key in Europe Next Week

    Slow clap

    After a delay lasting almost a month, Gone Home will finally, y'know, go home on the PlayStation 4 in Europe next week. The game – which was delayed in early January – will now arrive on 12th February in the Old World. It's been available in North America for eons already. This tends to happen sometimes. The developer cited issues...

  • News Gone Home Gets Comfy on PS4 from 12th January

    Home alone

    Fullbright's critically acclaimed walking simulator Gone Home was announced for the PlayStation 4 eons ago, but financial issues at publisher Midnight City meant that the port was put on hiatus. Fortunately, those problems appear to have been resolved, and the game will open the front door of Sony's new-gen format on 12th January. Hurray!...

  • News Gone Home Locked Out of PS4 for Now, but Sony Has Other Ideas

    Cutting a new set of keys

    There are plenty of things that excite us about PlayStation right now, but the third-party productions team is one area that has all of Push Square Towers giddy. Over the years, we've been conditioned to believe that ports and localisations are down to their respective publishers, but over the past 12 months, Sony's stepped...

  • News Indie Smash Gone Home Will Knock on the Door of PS4 This Fall

    Home for the holidays

    Critical darling Gone Home will ring the PlayStation 4’s doorbell later this year, The Fullbright Company has semi announced. While there’s no mention of Sony’s next-gen system specifically, we’d be shocked if the platform didn’t factor into the outfit’s port plans. Exactly why it hasn’t just come out and said it,...