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  • News The Pathless Is a PS5 Open World Unlike Any Other

    Go your own way

    The Pathless is an indie open world that’s taking inspiration from some of the genre’s biggest names. Clearly there’s more than a hint of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild here, but the PlayStation 5 sandbox also shares similarities with Ghost of Tsushima – navigation, for example, feels much more organic than in other...

  • Video Dive Deep with 10 Minutes of ABZÛ PS4 Gameplay

    Under the sea

    We're never getting another Aquanaut's Holiday – more's the pity – but the beautiful ABZÛ should sate your deep sea diving appetite for the time being. The first game by Giant Squid – founded by Matt Nava of Journey and Flower fame – is a presentational tour-de-force, and it controls pretty darn nicely, too. There's some...

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    Review ABZÛ

    Wintory is coming

    It's easy to take ABZÛ's swimming controls for granted. They are, after all, your only means of traversal in the game – it's natural to disregard something so close to home. But if Giant Squid's debut teaches us anything, it's that we should always take time to reflect on things which seem insignificant at first. The secret of...

  • E3 2015 PS4's ABZÛ Is Journey Set Under the Sea

    Aquanaut's holiday

    Being a bit of a contrarian, this author has always enjoyed deep-sea diving games. Aquanaut's Holiday is a particular favourite here at Push Square, but this scribe is also partial to the odd session of Endless Ocean on a certain other system. If it wasn't for its annoying name, then, ABZÛ would be right at the top of your humble...