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    Review Giana Sisters: Dream Runners

    In your dreams, kid

    Essentially, Giana Sisters: Dream Runners is a game in which you race against a handful of other players across a looping stage, with the goal being to try and stay in first place until the current 'lap' comes to a close. If you're in the lead when it does eventually end, then you'll be awarded with a gold star. Collect three of...

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    Review Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams - Director's Cut

    More than Super Mario Sisters

    Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams is excellently designed, with striking visuals and tight platforming that's thoughtfully conceived. It's old school, challenging, and bizarre – but it's also unique, which is a remarkable feat considering the series' not-so shameless origins. For the younger among you, the titular...

  • News Giana Sisters Weaving a Twisted Dream on the PS4

    Sequel in early prototype stages, too

    Isn’t it a strange world that we live in? Up until a few years ago, the side-scrolling game The Great Giana Sisters was only memorable for its plagiarism of the Super Mario Bros series, but Black Forest Games managed to turn the franchise around with Kickstarted platformer, Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams...