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  • News PS5's Meteoric Rise Underlined by Staggering German Sales Graph

    A total explosion

    We all know PS5’s sales have increased significantly around the globe this year. That’s because Sony resolved its stock issues at the start of the year, and more recently has been running price promotions, as it attempts to clear stock ahead of the alleged introduction of a revised hardware model. But this graph coming out...

  • News Champions League Final to Be Broadcast with PlayStation VR

    But only in Germany

    Tonight marks the Champions League final, as Real Madrid attempt to win a record second successive European crown against Italian giants Juventus in the Welsh capital Cardiff. It’s the biggest club event in the footballing calendar – it’s a bit like the Super Bowl of soccer but spanning an entire continent rather than a...

  • News PS4's Completely Crushing the Competition in Germany

    Sony's got almost 70 per cent market share

    As we've written so many times already, Sony's dominance this generation can't be attributed solely to favourable policies or press conference clangers – it's the legwork that it's invested into Europe over the years that's doing the business. New figures coming out of Germany show that the PlayStation 4...

  • News PS4 Is Walking All Over the Competition in Germany

    Sony controls almost 70 per cent of the market

    There's a perception perhaps more among American gamers that the PlayStation 4 is only really seeing such wild success right now because Microsoft dropped the ball with its Xbox One at launch. While there's some truth to that, we've always tried to explain that the main reason Sony's so far ahead is...

  • News PS4's Crushing the Competition in Germany by Some Margin

    No contest

    We know that competition between the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is tight in territories such as the UK and the United States – but in Germany, it's practically non-existent. According to a report by BÖRSE ONLINE, the Japanese giant is outselling its rival by a ratio of more than 4:1 – and despite pricing promotions by Microsoft, the...

  • News PS4 Passes One Million Sales Milestone in Germany

    Pole position

    It may well have been severely supply constrained at launch, but the PlayStation 4 has already passed the one million sales milestone in Germany, leaving its competitors in the dust. According to SCEE, the number was crossed on 21st October, putting its next-gen platform in “pole position”. Given the region, we reckon that the...

  • News Germany Leapfrog The UK As The Biggest European Market

    The pound is weak and the British are being used as guinea pigs for increasing prices

    No wonder the British video game market is down. Dropping by 20% in the first half of '09, Germany leapfrogged Britain as the biggest European market, with growth also seen in Sweden, Holland and Portugal. So far this year, Wii Fit has been the biggest seller.