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    Review Freedom Planet

    Mega Drive melting pot

    With a sequel already announced and well into development, it's fair to say we PlayStation folk are a little behind in playing Freedom Planet. Nearly three years after its initial launch on PC, the Kickstarted retro sidescroller has finally arrived to provide some pixelated platforming action. The good news is that,...

  • News The Best Sonic the Hedgehog Game Freedom Planet Is Coming to PS4

    Gotta go fast

    Freedom Planet may not bear the moniker of a hyperactive hog, but GalaxyTrail's high-octane indie platformer is Sonic in everything but name. Let's look at its credentials: creepy furry characters, blistering action that would make even Blast Processing blush, and stages that look likeā€¦ Well, Green Hill Zone. Oh, and it's coming to...