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  • Guide Best Free PS4 Games

    The best free to play games on PlayStation 4

    What are the best free PS4 games? There are hundreds of excellent games on Sony's console, but almost all of them require you to cough up some dough. If you're feeling the pinch, there are a number of great free-to-play titles on PlayStation 4 that you can play without spending a penny. These free games...

  • News Deadman's Cross Is a Free-to-Play Zombie Card Game That's Out Today on Vita

    You'll need braaaaains

    A title that sounds like one of weirdest concoctions that we've stumbled upon in quite a while, Deadman's Cross is shuffling onto the North American PlayStation Store later today. A strange mix of first-person shooting and card collecting, we suppose it's a bit like Pokémon, only instead of battling and catching cool little...

  • News Soulcalibur: Lost Swords Is Namco Bandai's Next Free To Play Game

    Following in the footsteps of Tekken Revolution and Ridge Racer Driftopia

    Namco Bandai is turning Soulcalibur into a free to play game, following its experiment with Tekken Revolution. Soulcalibur: Lost Swords is headed to the PS3 later in the year, according to Japanese magazine Famitsu. The company is also working on Ridge Racer Driftopia, which...