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  • News Foamstars Cleans Up with an Open Beta on PS5 Later This Month

    Foam party

    Turns out we didn't dream it, and Square Enix really is making a multiplayer shooter about foam. Yes, Foamstars is happening, and all jokes aside, it was pretty fun when we went hands on earlier this year. Soon, a lot more people will get the chance to check it out, as an open beta test is heading our way very soon. While the game is...

  • Preview Ignore the Snark, Foamstars Is Good

    Bubble trouble

    If the Internet is already dead set on writing Foamstars off completely, then it'll be red in the face come PS5, PS4 launch day. Despite the comparisons it's attracting, this isn't really a Splatoon rip-off, and most important of all: it is really quite enjoyable to play. We had the chance to compete in multiple local matches at...

  • News Foamstars Is Square Enix's Answer to Splatoon on PS5, PS4

    The sincerest form of flattery

    Announced during today's admittedly tepid PlayStation Showcase is Foamstars, a fresh new 4v4 party clearly taking more than a couple of pages from Nintendo's immensely popular Splatoon franchise. Perhaps not the freshest take, but these characters certainly look like they might smell better than the Squid Kids, that's...