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  • News Here's Your First Real Look at the Return of Fatal Fury

    City of the Wolves

    SNK rolled out a new trailer for Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves — now its official title, by the way — at Evo 2023, giving us our first real look at the currently in-development fighting game. It's been almost exactly one year since the project's initial teaser — which basically consisted of some concept art — but now...

  • News A New Fatal Fury / Garou Game Has Been Announced

    A "long awaited sequel"

    SNK has confirmed that a new Fatal Fury / Garou title has been green-lit, and we've got the above trailer to prove it. ...What? What more do you want? That's literally it. We don't have any details whatsoever at this point — all we know is that Rock Howard's probably the poster boy. Plus, the fact that SNK is saying that...