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  • Gallery Here's What Our Community Thinks PS5 Will Look Like

    We asked, you delivered

    Last week, we presented our readers with a task. We were curious to know what you lot think the PlayStation 5 will look like, and so we asked you to send us your very own designs. If you had a vision for PS5 — be it serious or silly — we wanted to see it. Fortunately, our community rose to the challenge, sending us all...

  • Community What Will PS5 Look Like? Show Us Your Own Designs

    Send us your PS5 ideas

    What will the PlayStation 5 look like? At this stage, no one outside of Sony knows the true answer. The company is keeping the design of its new console a closely guarded secret. We have seen the DualSense PS5 controller, of course, but the box itself remains a mystery. If the Japanese giant hopes to launch PS5 this holiday,...

  • News This PS5 Console Mock-Up Looks Even Better in Black

    Super stylish

    The folks over at Lets Go Digital have gone and done it again. After taking inspiration from the PlayStation 5 devkit and the official DualSense controller to create an incredibly stylish mock-up of what the PS5 console could look like, the team has now released a new variation on the colour. Using the same design as before, the...

  • News PS5 Devkit Meets DualSense Controller in Another Great Mock-Up

    V for victory

    The DualSense PlayStation 5 controller is really getting graphic artists hot under the collar, it would seem. Just last week, Giuseppe Spinelli graced us with this cracking concept design inspired by the bold new pad, but he wasn't the only one struck by the white and black look. Over the Easter weekend,

  • News This PS5 Mock-Up Is Inspired By the DualSense Controller, and It's Gorgeous

    White is right

    Until Sony shows us the actual PlayStation 5 console, we'll just have to make do with all the fan made mock-ups circulating the internet. That's cool with us, because some of them are genuinely great — including this latest creation from graphic artist Giuseppe Spinelli. Last seen imagining what the retail box for the PS5 could...

  • Random We'd Read This Incredible Retro The Last of Us Comic

    Resident Evil and Metal Gear Solid also represented

    Classic comic books look incredible even by modern standards, particularly the likes of Tales from Crypt. These inspired designs by Rockstar North illustrator Mark Scicluna have really captured our imagination, then. We love The Last of Us cover most, but his adaptations of Resident Evil, Metal...

  • News Sonic Games Should Have Looked Like This For Years

    Don't get too excited: this isn't an official SEGA trailer

    It's not even a real game. It's the product of 3D artist (and Sonic fan) Robert Medina. A stunning 2.5D recreation of Sonic & Knuckles' Mushroom Hill Zone. It's incredible. Heck, even SEGA thinks it's "awesome". Now imagine this, running on your PlayStation 3 with a 3DTV. Yeah,...