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  • Guide Best PS4 Kids Games

    Top PlayStation 4 games for children

    What are the best PS4 kids games? When most people talk about PlayStation 4, they're thinking about its (brilliant) range of games aimed at an older audience. However, what's somewhat overlooked is the console's extensive variety of games for children. There are just as many games for youngsters as there are for...

  • Guide Best PS4 Family Games to Play Together At Christmas

    PS4 games for families to play at home together

    What are the best PS4 games for families to play together? The PlayStation 4's vast library of titles caters to every type of genre and video game player imaginable. From RPGs and first-person shooters through to driving simulators, it really does have the lot. However, occasionally you'll want to bond...

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    Review LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

    Miniature marvel

    Over the years, the LEGO video game franchise has expanded into something of a phenomenon. It all started in a galaxy far, far away when British developer Traveller’s Tales took it upon itself to re-imagine George Lucas’ sci-fi blockbuster Star Wars in brick form. After much critical praise, the studio decided to do the same to...

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    Review Angry Birds: Star Wars

    Millennium falcon

    The well-known handheld hit Angry Birds has returned to consoles – only this time it’s bringing the force along for the ride. Of course, we're referring to the latest entry in the fowl flinging series: the PlayStation 4 version of Angry Birds: Star Wars. In this edition, you’ll be tasked with tossing birds from a catapult in...

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    Review Angry Birds: Star Wars

    Use the birds, Luke

    A long time ago (well, 2009), in a galaxy far, far away (Finland), an unassuming development studio named Rovio Entertainment gave birth to a mobile gaming franchise which would ultimately take over the world. Three years later and still going strong, Angry Birds and the beloved Star Wars empire would join forces to create a...

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    Review Disney Infinity

    It's a kind of magic

    Let's start off by addressing the flying Dumbo in the room: Disney Infinity is not simply a Skylanders clone from the House of Mouse. It's pure, unadulterated Disney magic – and completely worth the arm, leg, and kidney that you're inevitably about to spend on it. Even before Pixar's seminal 1995 blockbuster Toy Story,...