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  • Poll Did You Miss E3 2020 Last Week?

    The world turns without convention

    Believe it or not, last week should have been E3 2020. The show was cancelled due to coronavirus, of course, but incredibly the global pandemic was the least of its problems. News of a new direction – a so-called “influencer festival” – emerged last year, before PlayStation once again decided to pull out...

  • News E3 2020 Online Event Cancelled As Potential Partnerships Purportedly Collapse

    The beginning of the end

    Update: In a statement sent to PC Gamer, the ESA has confirmed that plans for online E3 2020 event have been cancelled. "Given the disruption brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, we will not be presenting an online E3 2020 event in June. Instead, we will be working with exhibitors to promote and showcase individual company...

  • Reaction Coronavirus Could Very Well Have Saved E3

    Or killed it, we'll see

    E3 has been cancelled, and no one reading the news is surprised. It may be the most noteworthy convention in the gaming calendar, but with famous festivals like Coachella postponed and the Olympics under serious jeopardy, it’s hardly surprising that coronavirus has claimed another victim. Of course, in this

  • News Ubisoft to Utilise 'Digital Experience' for E3 2020 Conference Replacement

    Industry goes digital

    E3 2020 has been cancelled and it looks like those who were planning on putting together a live press conference will instead choose to go the digital route en masse. Following in the footsteps of the Nintendo Direct and Sony's State of Play livestreams, French publisher Ubisoft has stated that it is exploring a "digital...

  • News E3 2020 Has Been Cancelled

    It's official

    Following reports that the event was on the cusp of being called off, E3 2020 has now officially been cancelled. The ESA, the organisation behind E3, has issued a statement that cites "increased and overwhelming concerns" regarding the coronavirus. "After careful consultation with our member companies regarding the health and safety...

  • News E3 2020 Is About to Be Cancelled, Digital Show May Take Its Place

    Only a matter of time

    Reports from all over the web are saying that E3 2020 is about to be called off, presumably because of concerns regarding the coronavirus. Rumours have been going around that the event has been on the cusp of cancellation for at least a couple of weeks, and now, with so many reports coming in from various industry sources, it's...

  • News E3 2020 Showfloor Creative Team Drops Out, Spelling More Doom for the Show

    "We wish the organizers the best of luck"

    Upon its original pitch earlier this year, E3 2020 was planning on revitalising its showfloor experience with the likes of experimental zones, access to insiders and influences, and digital programming. Video game merchandiser iam8bit was the creative director tasked with putting all of that together, but...

  • News E3 2020 Cancellation on the Cusp as Coronavirus Causes State of Emergency

    Lights out

    The writing was on the wall for E3 2020 when Sony and a slew of other big names decided to pull out of the annual convention, but coronavirus may yet put a stop to the show entirely. Host city Los Angeles announced a state of emergency

  • News E3 2020 Planning Not Currently Affected by Coronavirus

    For now

    GDC has just been cancelled by its organisers with hopes of bringing the event back in the summer, but is the coronavirus having much of an effect on the planning of video game events scheduled to take place later in the year? We all know that despite its declining relevance, E3 is still the biggest and most important of the bunch, and it...

  • News Yet Another Blow to E3 as Presenter Geoff Keighley Skips Show for First Time in 25 Years

    Ain't what it used to be

    E3 is not the juggernaut event that it once was -- that much is becoming abundantly clear. Sony skipped the convention last year and it's doing so again in 2020. But if there's anything that truly points towards the show's decline, it's the absence of Geoff Keighley. The man behind The Game Awards has participated in E3 for...

  • News E3 2020's First Press Conference Announcement Comes From the Most Unlikely Source


    When we think of E3 press conferences, our minds immediately turn to the likes of Sony, Ubisoft, Bethesda, and EA. Some of those publishers will be attending E3 2020 with their live show announcements surely planned for the next couple of months, but they've all been beaten to the punch by a completely different company. That's...

  • News E3 2020 Will Be 'a New and Revitalized Experience' Filled with Celebrities and Insiders

    New security firm for sign-ups

    Remember when it sounded like E3 2020 would be drastically changing its image following a rebrand to a fan, media, and influencer festival? Well, it looks like that's exactly what's happening. The ESA (Entertainment Software Association) has issued a statement detailing its plans for this y

  • News E3 Organiser Reacts to Sony's Absence with Empty Words

    Not much of anything

    Sony announced this week that it won't be attending E3 2020, marking the second year in a row that the hardware manufacturer has decided to skip the convention. In response to the move, the ESA -- the company known as The Entertainment Software Association which runs E3 -- has published a rather empty statement which doesn't...

  • Talking Point Is Sony Right to Skip E3 2020?

    Jumping ship

    Is Sony right to miss out on E3 for the second year in a row? The Japanese giant announced overnight that it won't be attending E3 2020, saying that the Los Angeles event simply isn't the right venue for PlayStation 5. The company's statement comes across as somewhat prickly, but it's been reasonably clear for a while now that there's...

  • News It's Pretty Obvious PlayStation Has Beef with E3's Organisers

    Not seeing eye to eye

    Sony will not be at E3 2020 in any capacity, but it will still attend hundreds of gaming conventions around the globe. Plans are currently underway for its presence at Taipei Game Show, while you can expect to find the platform holder present in some capacity at the likes of Paris Games Week, EGX,

  • News Microsoft Confirms E3 2020 Attendance for Xbox After Sony Exit

    Flying the flag

    Sony has confirmed that it once again will not be attending E3, but you can still look forward to a show put on by the team in green. Xbox head Phil Spencer took to Twitter to put minds at rest by staying that Microsoft will be attending E3 2020. It's business as usual for the Redmond-based company then this June, assumedly joined by...

  • News Sony Suggests E3 2020 Is Not the Right Venue for PS5

    Still has great respect for organisers

    Ever since ex-PlayStation boss Shawn Layden went hard on E3 a few years ago, Sony’s seemed to be dead against the convention. Now it’s pulled out of the show entirely for a second year running, the platform holder is beginning to twist the knife on organisers, the ESA. It’s unclear exactly what the issue...

  • News Ahead of PS5's Launch, Sony Is Looking Forward to Celebrating with Fans

    But not at E3 2020

    Sony will not be at E3 2020, but it’s still looking forward to celebrating the impending launch of the PlayStation 5 with its fans. Speaking as part of a statement on the organisation’s stance, a spokesperson said: “Our focus is on making sure fans feel part of the PlayStation family and have access to play their favourite...

  • News Sony and PlayStation Will Not Be at E3 2020

    Second year in a row

    Sony and PlayStation will not attend E3 2020, the company has confirmed to GamesIndustry. The annual convention, which will take place this summer, has been the biggest event in gaming for decades -- but there's no question that its influence has waned over recent years. Indeed, you may recall that Sony skipped the show in 2019...

  • Rumour Sony to Announce PS5, E3 2020 Plans Very Soon

    Ready or not

    Update: Unfortunately, whatever this was doesn't seem to be happening today after all. That said, Ahmad is known to be a very reliable source. At this point we assume that something is coming very soon -- the timing of the rumour has just been a little off. We'll certainly be keeping our eyes peeled over the next few days. Original...

  • Rumour Xbox Not Expecting PlayStation to Be at E3 2020

    Sony skipping another year?

    We're right at the beginning of a new year, and that can only mean one thing in this industry: E3 rumours. The big talking point right now is whether Sony will actually attend the event after it skipped the show in 2019 -- but with no concrete evidence to go on, the gaming sphere can only speculate. It's interesting,...

  • News Will Sony Attend E3 2020? PlayStation Remains Quiet

    Another show no-show?

    Sony had outlined its plans for E3 2019 as early as November 2018, when it confirmed that it would not be attending the Los Angeles convention at all. True to its word, the organisation completely skipped the famous show, allowing third-party partners like Square Enix to do the talking for it. Consequently, exclusives such as...

  • News E3 Will Return for at Least Another Year, 2020 Dates Confirmed

    9th-11th June

    Alright then guys and girls, let's get the E3 2020 tag rolling! Yes, we're all questioning whether the Electronic Entertainment Expo is still relevant in today's online world, but the show will return for at least another year in 2020. Snapped by Twiter user Lucas Patricio, attendees can catch sight of a banner as they leave the Los...