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  • News Sony's E3 2018 Showcase to Include Third-Party, Indie Reveals That Will Make Your Heart Race

    Colour us confused

    Sony took its sweet time announcing its E3 2018 showcase, but it’s still managed to confuse absolutely everyone. A podcast featuring bigwig Shawn Layden seemed to suggest that there’d be no traditional press conference, but now a PlayStation Blog post has hinted that the event will be more familiar than originally expected.

  • News Sony Won't Be Holding a Traditional Press Conference at E3 2018

    Update: Starting to sound more traditional than originally anticipated

    Sony has just announced its plans for next month's E3 showcase, and it doesn't seem like we'll be getting a traditional press conference from the platform holder. Instead, PlayStation is choosing to highlight four upcoming titles through livestreams on 11th June. Those four...

  • News E3 2018 Ruining Leak Blamed on Glitch, Software Is 'Speculative'

    Sure, Jan.gif

    Wal-Mart Canada appeared to leak dozens of surprise E3 2018 announcements this week, but it’s blamed the whole thing on a “glitch”. Speaking with Motherboard, a spokesperson for the embattled retailer said that all of the software was “speculative” – despite the fact that no o

  • News Sony Still Hasn't Announced Its E3 2018 Press Conference

    Leaving it late

    We’re building up to Sony’s E3 2018 press conference with various features and articles, but we still don’t actually know whether the company’s going to hold one. Yes, it would be strange for the platform holder to skip its annual on-stage theatrics, but the reality is that it’s yet to confirm the date, time, or location of...

  • Feature What New PS4 Exclusives Could Sony Reveal at E3 2018?

    Never seen before

    Sony finds itself in an awkward spot: the PlayStation 4 is on fire and there are several exclusives lingering tantalisingly on the horizon that we’re all dying to learn more about. The problem is that the likes of Spider-Man, Death Stranding, and The Last of Us: Part II are all known quantities at this stage, and while we’re...

  • Rumour Walmart Canada May Have Just Leaked a Bunch of Surprise PS4 Games Before E3

    E3's come early

    As is always the case with retailer listings, we urge caution before fully committing to this supposed leak, but if this turns out to be accurate, then we have have just stumbled upon a goldmine. Thanks to the eagle-eyed Wario64, we now know that Walmart Canada has a page that features listings for PlayStation 4 games that are...

  • News Square Enix Announces E3 2018 Showcase

    Dare to dream

    Square Enix will be throwing its hat into the E3 ring this year, as the publisher has announced that it'll be hosting a "showcase" on the 11th June. Going by the announcement's wording, it sounds like it'll be a Nintendo Direct-esque affair, with the company stating that a "video presentation" is on the cards. Said presentation will...

  • Rumour Cyberpunk 2077 Will Get an Hour-Long Presentation at E3 2018

    For press, at least

    So, it's starting to sound like Cyberpunk 2077 will be at E3 2018 in a big way. At this point the game is all but confirmed to be there, and the general assumption is that it'll appear at one of the big press conferences. It's very likely that the title's re-reveal will end up being our first proper look at CD Projekt Red's...

  • Soapbox The Last of Us: Part II Has Plenty to Prove at E3 2018

    Give 'em Ellie

    I love The Last of Us and I can’t wait to see its successor on stage at E3 2018 next month. Long-haired director Neil Druckmann confirmed at PlayStation Experience late last year that we would get our first glimpse of gameplay during Sony’s press conference, and a select few have already seen the demo behind closed doors...

  • News Destiny 2's Fall Expansion Will Be Revealed at E3 2018

    Featuring a mode that's new to the FPS genre

    In news that won't surprise many, Destiny 2's brand new fall expansion is set to take the stage at E3 2018 for an unveiling. Announced during an Activision Blizzard Q&A, the newest piece of DLC is set to ship with a mode that has never been seen before in the FPS genre. Destiny's The Taken...

  • Feature 15 Games We Want to See at E3 2018

    Hype train

    E3's creeping closer and closer, and we're starting to feel the hype. The industry's biggest show is pretty much the busiest time of the year for us here at Push Square Towers, and that's partly because we're never quite sure what to expect. We do, however, know what we'd like to see from Sony and the other publishers at...

  • News Quantum Break Developer Remedy to Reveal New Game at E3 2018

    Yes, it'll be on PS4

    Remedy, the developer of games like Max Payne and more recently Quantum Break, will officially reveal its next game at E3 2018 in a month and some change. The title – which is dubbed Project 7 and is being published by 505 Games – is set to deploy on the PlayStation 4, marking the Finnish firm’s first release on a Sony...

  • News Ubisoft Dates Its E3 2018 Press Conference

    Join the club

    Following in the footsteps of EA and Bethesda, Ubisoft has slapped a date on its E3 2018 press conference. The French publisher's show will take place on the 11th June, at 21:00 UK time. So that's 13:00 Pacific, and 16:00 Eastern. Based on our admittedly spotty memories of past E3 pressers, this is all pretty standard stuff for...

  • News THQ Nordic Is Skipping E3 2018 for the World Cup

    Who can blame them?

    E3 2018 and the FIFA World Cup take place in very close proximity to each other this year, and because of that, the Austrian-based company THQ Nordic are snubbing the Los Angeles show floor for the beer gardens of Vienna this time around as they watch the World Cup in Russia from a safe distance.  Because of that, we'll get...

  • Talking Point Can Sony Actually Surprise at E3 2018?

    Shock and awe

    Somewhere buried in the depths of Sony HQ, behind armed body guards and elaborate lock panels, there’s a whiteboard with the agenda for PlayStation’s big E3 2018 showcase hastily plotted out on it. But some three months prior to the livestream getting underway, we’re curious whether those squiggles of red and black ink could...

  • News Bethesda Dates Its E3 2018 Press Conference

    The big B's back

    More E3 news? Lord have mercy. This time, Bethesda's gone ahead and dated its E3 press conference, or 'showcase' according to the above video. The big B's event will take place on the 10th June at 18:00 PST, so that's... 02:00 UK time. If we remember right, that's a little earlier than last year, but we're still going to be up...

  • News EA Play Returns in June for Annual E3 Bonanza

    Battlefield! Anthem! Sports!

    Electronic Arts’ annual E3-but-totally-not-E3 extravaganza will return on 9th June through 11th June, with fans once again admitted entry free of charge. Scheduled to take place at the Hollywood Palladium, the publisher claims that it’s a “place to connect with our games and each other, whether you’re joining us...

  • News The Witcher Dev Will Be at E3 2018, Lending Weight to Cyberpunk 2077 Rumours

    Pray for that re-reveal

    Last month, the official Twitter account for Cyberpunk 2077 beeped into life after years of silence. Several days later, rumours started to fly around claiming that the game would be re-revealed this summer at E3 2018. For a while, it looked like something big was brewing. But no

  • News Geoff Keighley's E3 Coliseum Returns for E3 2018

    Three whole days of streaming

    It may only be early February, but many of gaming's biggest players are already eyeing E3 2018. The annual Los Angeles event will, as always, take place this summer, and Geoff Keighley's just jumped on Twitter to let everyone know that his E3 Coliseum is returning. Essentially a set of livestreams stretched over...

  • Rumour Cyberpunk 2077 Will Be Shown in Detail at E3 2018

    We're starting early this year

    Oh God, it's only January and we're already reporting on E3 2018 rumours. According to Polish site GRYOnline, multiple sources claim that CD Projekt Red -- the developer behind The Witcher games -- will be bringing Cyberpunk 2077 to the show in a big way. It's been ages since we heard anything concrete about...

  • News Well, May As Well Get the E3 2018 Tag Started, Right?

    Next year's show dated

    The industry’s barely had time to put a full-stop on E3 2017, but already it’s time to turn our attention to E3 2018. Good god! Anyway, the Entertainment Software Association – the group responsible for organising the annual show – has confirmed that next year’s event will take place between 12th June and 14th June,...