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  • News Flash the Cash! Sony Discounts Hundreds of PS4, PS3, and Vita Games in Europe

    Don't get too excited about the next-gen selection, though

    At this point, we think that it’s probably safe to say that Sony understands the value of a good old fashioned PlayStation Network sale. Realising that it has a bunch of binary code gathering dust on a server somewhere, the platform holder has now opted to hold regular discounts on a...

  • News This Weekend, You Can Buy a Bunch of PS3 Games for $5

    Shut up and take our money

    Valve, is that you? Sony may have been the laughing stock of the digital plaza discount world less than six months ago, but it’s really upped its game over the past few weeks, announcing a slew of sales that have our wallet literally groaning at the prospect of cheap PlayStation 3 games. This latest batch comes care of...

  • News Japanese Games Go Cheap in the US PSN Golden Week Sale

    Always believe in your soul

    When Europe received a bumper Easter sale on the PlayStation Network, it left feathers ruffled that the North American store wasn't getting a similar seasonal gift. However, while those of you in the US may have been forced to skip on last week's celebrations, you can look forward to the Japanese holiday of Golden Week...

  • News You Can Buy These PlayStation Games for Less Than a Dollar

    Eggcellent value

    There’s nothing worse than a long weekend with nothing to play. While this editor is fortunate enough to never not have a backlog, thrifty gamers may be thrilled to learn that Sony is running a pretty impressive sale in North America, featuring a whopping 30 games for just $0.99. Yeah, that’s less than a dollar. Admittedly, you...

  • News There Are Some Cracking Discounts in This European PSN Easter Sale


    The Easter bunny sure isn’t messing around this year, as it’s scurried out of its burrow bearing a bevy of discounted PlayStation Network best-sellers. Sony’s latest European sale is absolutely outrageous, spanning a slew of smashing PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3 savings that are sure to keep you occupied over the impending...

  • News Celebrate God of War: Ascension's Anniversary with Free DLC

    Champions rejoice

    A year ago, God of War: Ascension was released, and we thought that it was pretty good. It marked the first time that the series featured online multiplayer, with this new addition also boasting downloadable content. And to celebrate Kratos' latest adventure's anniversary, developer Sony Santa Monica is offering the aforementioned...

  • News Wait, Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Has Had Another Price Cut?


    The price of the PlayStation 4 version of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes has been reduced on the European PlayStation Store, representing the title's second official price cut. To be clear, the boxed copy is still £29.99, however the digital version will now set you back £24.99. On first glance, it may seem that this change has come from...

  • News Cure Those Titanfall Blues with This Call of Duty Themed PSN Sale

    Titan what?

    Activision has taken aim at the European PlayStation Store, launching a plethora of discounts on the perennial Call of Duty franchise. Call us cynical, but we've got a pretty strong suspicion that this sale is almost definitely a direct response to the recent release of critical darling Titanfall. In any case, the full list of savings is...

  • News Sony Kicks Off PlayStation Store 'Deal of the Week' Promotion in Europe

    FIFA 14 on PS3 and Vita going cheap

    Watching former favourites Manchester United slip down the Premier League may be priceless if you’re a Liverpool fan, but it’s getting this disgruntled editor down. Fortunately, if you’re anything like us, then you’ll appreciate Sony giving you the opportunity to step into David Moyes’ rapidly ageing...

  • News Konami Cuts the Price of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes on PS4

    Still need a degree to decipher it, though

    The pricing structure for Konami’s upcoming PlayStation 4 prologue Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes has gotten a whisker more palatable today, as the Japanese publisher has announced a slew of pre-launch reductions pertaining to the next generation iteration of the game. Snapping up a boxed copy on...

  • News At Least Sony Didn't Forget the PlayStation Vita's Birthday


    We’d love to say that we baked the PlayStation Vita a big slab of cherry and almond cake for its second birthday this weekend, but we’d be lying if we did. The truth is that we forgot, and now we’re not on speaking terms with the handheld system. Fortunately, we’re hoping to rekindle our relationship with the down-in-the-dumps device by...

  • News Have You Got the Power? Prove It with inFAMOUS PSN Sale

    Feeling electric

    While inFAMOUS: Second Son serves as a semi-reboot for Sucker Punch’s superhero series, you may be looking for a crash course on the franchise if you missed the previous instalments. Don’t despair, though, as the fine folks at SCEE have casually read your mind and concocted a sale designed to solve your conundrum. Starting...

  • News True Love Starts with a North American PlayStation Store Flash Sale

    Better than a bunch of flowers

    Sony really is getting into the swing of this digital discounts thing. It’s crazy to think that less than three months ago we were criticising the platform holder’s PlayStation Store sales strategy, only to see our complaints undermined by a

  • News Who Wants to Buy a Discounted PS4 Console, Then?

    UK retailer slashes system's price

    While it’s slowly becoming more readily available, it’s still something of a challenge to track down a PlayStation 4 in the UK. As a result, we assumed that it would be a long time before we started hearing about discounted hardware. However, the online arm of

  • News Popular PS4 Games Discounted in Shock North American Flash Sale

    Counting the pennies

    Sony’s starting to get quite good at this last-minute discount lark. The firm's enormous European promotion earlier this month was packed to the veritable brim with unexpectedly good PlayStation Network deals, and now the North American arm of the platform holder has followed in its overseas accomplice’s footsteps,...

  • News Do You Love PS Vita? Sony Has a Slick Promotion for You

    Play more, pay less

    Beyond the doom and gloom regarding its somewhat disappointing sales, the PlayStation Vita has quietly blossomed into a must-own piece of kit over the past twelve months. The hardware itself was always exceptional, but now the handheld has a game library that’s deserving of its meaty processing power and delicious OLED display...

  • News Better Top Up Your Wallets - PSN Launches Another Sale in North America

    14 for 14

    Sony are at it yet again, tempting us with all sorts of discounted greatness. Its latest promotion offers 28 games (14 for PS3, 14 for Vita) at up to half price, or up to 75 percent off for PlayStation Plus members. Highlights include the theatrical platformer Puppeteer for $7.00, fantastical JRPG Tales of Xillia for $10.00, and portable...

  • News Whoa, You Can Buy a PS3 for £99 in the UK Boxing Day Sales

    Time to stop pining over the PS4

    Alright, so you may be struggling to track down a PlayStation 4 in the UK this Boxing Day – but that could be a blessing in disguise. With the 25th December now a distant memory here in Britain, retailers around the region are starting to reveal their post-Christmas sales – and for the likes of Amazon.co

  • News Your Wallet Will Be Lighter Once You're Done with This Huge EU PSN Sale

    It's full of stars

    We take back everything that we said about Sony’s shoddy sales, as the platform holder’s January promotion is absolutely packed to the figurative brim with noteworthy offers and discounts. Starting today and set to run throughout January, the discounts span various PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and PlayStation Portable...

  • News Sony Ends European Christmas Sale with a Real Cracker

    The Last of Us and Persona 4 Golden form your final stocking fillers

    It’s been a tepid sale at best, but Sony’s long-running ’12 Deals of Christmas’ promotion in Europe is set to finish with a flourish. The platform holder has prepared two cracking deals to get you in the seasonal spirit, bringing the price of The Last of Us

  • News Christmas Comes Early in North American PSN Flash Sale

    Cut down to size

    Sony must have read our Talking Point about the less than stellar savings on the PlayStation Network, because it’s kicked off the holidays with a pretty solid festive Flash Sale. Granted, this doesn’t ever touch the outrageous prices of a Steam sell-a-thon, but a couple of the cuts are not to be trifled with. We suppose that...

  • News Score Free PlayStation Mobile Games This Winter

    Ten free games in total

    With all of the hype surrounding the release of the PlayStation 4 this year, you may have forgotten that Sony has other platforms on the market – including PlayStation Mobile. The micro-game service launched in October last year, but has fallen off the radar a little over the past twelve months. However, the Japanese...

  • News Want a Cheap PS Vita? Argos Has Got You Covered in the UK

    Bargain bin

    You may refuse to step foot into an Argos store on account of those awful alien advertisements, but it’s worth blurring your morals long enough to snatch an outrageous PlayStation Vita deal. The archaic catalogue-based retailer is currently selling a 3G version of Sony’s slick handheld for just £139.99. Incredibly, though, that’s...

  • News GameStop Scoops Beefy PS3 Bundles for Black Friday

    Bring your boxing gloves

    There may be over a month to go until the most dangerous day in the shopping calendar, but mega retailer GameStop is already putting its Black Friday plans into motion. A leaflet detailing all of the outfit’s post-Thanksgiving deals has leaked online, revealing some tempting gaming hardware and software offers. This...

  • News So, Sony's Still Not Done with That Whole Indie Thing

    More savings than you can shake a Move controller at

    As the sun sets on one PlayStation Network promotion, the moon is rising on another. Just a week after the conclusion of the PlayStation Play initiative, the platform holder has announced PS Vita Summer Select – a month long celebration of delicious indie gaming goodness. Best of all, it means...

  • News Sound Shapes, We're Gonna Party Like It's Your Birthday

    We're gonna sip Bacardi like it's your birthday

    If you happened to spot a small circle being sick In Da Club last night, then you likely bumped into Sound Shapes’ first birthday celebration. The game is exactly a year old in North America today, and while it may have acknowledged that fact with a few too many shandies overnight, it’s planning to...

  • News Guacamelee's Price Temporarily Pinned in Europe

    Cross-buy platformer gets cheaper

    Canadian outfit Drinkbox Studios has wrestled with the price of Guacamelee in Europe, bringing the lovely luchador adventure’s point of entry down to just £7.99/€9.99. The offer will be valid until 17th July, after which it will reapply its mask, and reset its cost back to £9.99/€12.99. You know what you...

  • News Now You've Got No Excuse Not to Buy The Unfinished Swan

    PlayStation Network hit discounted in Europe

    BAFTA award-winning exclusive and Push Square perfect score alumnus The Unfinished Swan will be available at a new low price in Europe this weekend. Sony has confirmed that it’s cutting the first-person adventure’s cost to just £5.19 from today until 6th May, with lucky PlayStation Plus subscribers...

  • News Tomb Raider's Price Slashed in PlayStation Network Flash Sale

    Pick up Lara's latest adventure for $29.99

    Square Enix has slashed the price of Tomb Raider on the PlayStation Network to $29.99. The catch? You’ve got one weekend to take advantage of the offer. According to a post on the PlayStation Blog, the game will be available at its new discounted price until 12:00PM PST on Monday afternoon.

  • News Sony Cracks Open PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Discount

    European offers roll on

    Sony’s celebrating Easter Sunday with an outrageous discount on PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. Starting from now until 11:59AM BST on 2nd April, you’ll be able to purchase the excellent mascot mash-up at the low price of £15.99/€19.99 from the European PlayStation Store. Remember: the game is part of the platform...

  • News Scout Out Tomb Raider for £19.99 on the European PlayStation Store

    True treasure

    Sony’s enormous European Easter Egg Hunt is rolling on today with an enormous discount on Crystal Dynamics' ace Tomb Raider reboot. Starting from now until 11:59AM BST on 31st March, you’ll be able to pillage Lara Croft’s latest adventure for just £19.99/€29.99 from the PlayStation Store. That’s a huge discount over the...

  • News The Walking Dead: Episode One Stumbles onto Your PS3 for Free

    No excuse not to enjoy the undead adventure now

    In a move that’s absolutely not intended to rain on the parade of upcoming first-person shooter The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct, award-winning developer Telltale Games has announced an enormous sale for its own episodic The Walking Dead adventure on the PlayStation Network. Starting from...

  • News Is Sony Discontinuing the 3G PlayStation Vita?

    North American stores slashing the price of the connected console

    A slew of Sony stores across North America have discounted the price of the 3G PlayStation Vita, with some outlets explaining that it’s because the premium console is about to be discontinued. Joystiq reports that you can currently purchase a bundle including a 3G handheld, an 8GB...

  • News Resident Evil Sale Haunts the EU PlayStation Store This Week

    Sorry, no Jill sandwiches

    Those of you looking to inject your evenings with a spot of horror may be excited to learn about the upcoming Resident Evil sale shuffling its way onto the European PlayStation Store. Starting from tomorrow until 27th March, you’ll be able to purchase a selection of titles from Capcom’s classic franchise at up to 50 per...

  • News Colossal God of War Savings Announced for Europe

    Greater than Gaia

    In order to celebrate the impending arrival of God of War: Ascension, Sony has slashed the price of almost every title in the savage Spartan series on the European PlayStation Store. Between now and 13th March, you’ll be able to snap up the God of War Collection and the God of War Collection Volume II for just £10.99 apiece...

  • News Sweet Tooth Celebrates Birthday with Twisted Metal Bundle

    Squashed tomatoes and gloop

    Twisted Metal’s excellent PlayStation 3 reboot is officially a year old this week, and Sweet Tooth is planning to commemorate the event by washing his polka dot pants. Apparently, they’ve got a bit messy over the past 12 months – we’ve told him to be careful where he squirts the strawberry sauce. While the killer...

  • News Celebrate PS Vita's Birthday in Style with European Sale

    This is living

    It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost a year since the PlayStation Vita first hit store shelves. In honesty, it’s been a turbulent 12 months for the platform, but there’s been no shortage of great games. In order to celebrate the system’s growth, Sony has announced a brand new European sale, set to run for a period of...

  • News PlayStation All-Stars Punched Down to Size in European Sale

    Time to fight

    You’ll have no excuse not to engage in a spot of mascot madness this weekend, when PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale’s price is slashed as part of Sony’s ongoing European PlayStation Network sale. Between the 25th and 28th January, you’ll be able to snap up the brilliant beat ‘em up for just £19.99/€24.99, which...

  • News Eyebrow Interactive Illuminates Closure with PSN Discount

    Fright night

    Eyebrow Interactive is shadowing two-thirds of Closure’s price, making the ambitious PlayStation Network exclusive a steal at just $4.99. “Hallowe’en is a perfect holiday to spend checking out Closure, an eerie puzzle platformer that takes place mostly in darkness, where anything not illuminated simply ceases to exist,” the...

  • News Sony Adds New Deals to European Summer Sale

    Counting the pennies

    With the school holidays coming to an unfortunate close, Sony has announced the final batch of offers being added to its expansive European Summer Sale. Discounted titles include Alice: Madness Returns, GoldenEye 007: Reloaded and many more. Feel free to peruse the full list of promotions in the space below. And, as always, let...

  • News Sony Expands EU Summer Sale with More Sizzling Deals

    Why go outside?

    Sony’s excellent European PlayStation Network Summer Sale is about to get a bit bigger. The platform holder has taken to the PlayStation Blog to announce the next batch of offers being added to the bumper promotion. Notable discounts include Shoot Many Robots for £3.99, Mad Riders for

  • News Sony Launches Sizzling Summer Sale on European PSN

    The weather is sweet, yeah

    Actually, Bob Marley, the sun is not shining, but Sony might still have an announcement that will tickle your dancing feet. Well, assuming you’re in Europe anyway. The platform holder has announced another European PSN sale, this time designed around a summer theme. The promotion – which starts tomorrow and will run...

  • News Latest European PSN Sale Celebrates the Summer of Sport

    Going for gold

    With London 2012 set to kick off in just a few days, Sony has announced a podium placing European PSN sale designed to celebrate the Olympic Games. Titles such as Sports Champions, Hustle Kings, Top Darts and High Velocity Bowling are all discounted.

  • News Atlus Announces Bumper PlayStation Network Sale

    Dollar stretcher

    Niche publisher Atlus has unleashed an incredible sale in the North American PlayStation Store this week, cutting the price of its entire catalogue by an impressive 50%. You’ll be able to snatch up gems such as Persona 3 Portable and Trine 2 for less than $10. Also, Catherine is just $19.99, which is worth every penny – until...

  • News Latest European PSN Sale is Rife with Good Deals

    Empty your wallet

    Hats off to SCEE. It might not be able to release content simultaneously with its North American counterpart, but at least it understands the value of PSN sales. Following last month’s excellent Vita promotion, we assumed the Special Offers section of the PlayStation Store would be pretty quiet for the coming weeks. But no, the...

  • News Sony Reveals Scorching Summer PSN Sale

    Why go outside?

    If you’ve been eyeing Europe’s excellent PlayStation Vita sale with envy over the past couple of weeks, then you’ll probably be excited to learn that a brand new promotion is set to launch in North America next week. While it doesn’t feature any Vita titles, the summer sale will allow you to choose from a wealth of popular...

  • News European PlayStation Vita Sale Adds PSP Titles into the Mix

    Pound stretcher

    For the PlayStation Vita to be a success, regular software discounts are a necessity. Sony's European branch seems to understand that, as it’s been running a fairly robust digital sale for the past three weeks now. Writing on the PlayStation Blog, it’s announced the final leg of that promotion this afternoon. As promised, the...

  • News Sony's European PlayStation Vita Sale Expands

    Let's get physical

    Sony has revealed the next batch of discounts in its European PlayStation Vita sale. While the initial round of offers focused on purely digital games, the platform holder is now extending the promotion to the downloadable versions of physical releases. Offers include Little Deviants for £8.99, Touch My Katamari for £11.99 and

  • News Tee Off with the European PlayStation Store's Golf Sale


    Those of you keeping an attentive eye on the PlayStation Store may have noticed that Sony’s launched a stealth golf-themed sale on its digital storefront. The scale of the sale might not be the greatest, but there are still some pleasing deals within. Perhaps the biggest steal is Everybody’s Golf for Vita, which can be yours for a tempting...

  • News Empty Your Wallet with These European Vita Discounts

    Hot prices

    Ask nicely, and you shall receive. Sony has announced a fairly decent Vita sale on the European PlayStation Blog this morning, slashing the prices of a host of popular digital titles. Starting this week (13th June), you’ll be able to pick up the likes of Escape Plan and MotorStorm RC at discounted prices. The sale itself is set to run...